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Brighton pier in the rain

Here I am being cheered up after an awful couple of weeks.


Hope you all are having fabulous weekends!

Karen xx

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I was almost tempted by a scarf it looks cold and damp but if it works for you it's wonderful :-)


glad you had a nice time. I love that sound too.


I was tempted to come and join you as it looks fun!

Thanks for sharing and I genuinely hope hat you are feeling more like your usual self again now?

Ken x x


Your smile says it all! :)

Glad you are enjoying life!

Thanks for sharing!


Love the pic, thanks for that, Brighton was my favourite place to be when i lived in England. Like you i adore the sound of the waves on the beach. I would drive down from London whenever i got the chance, spent an amazing new year there once watching a gale force wind pounding the sea all night.

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