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Rain soaked dogs smell awful !!

Rain soaked dogs smell awful !!

My rescue dogs are loving this rainy weather :-)

They're spaniel cross poochies

The muddier they get, the happier they are :-)

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They look adorable!! I do miss having dogs, my sister bring her dog over and I love it.

I had a dog and she was such a lady, there was no way she would go out in the rain or step in a puddle, where as the other one would go out of his way to get muddy.

Mazz xx


Hi Mazz just like older dog wont will walk around puddles,wont drink from puddles and wont step outside the door if its raining.whereas my Annie loves nothing more than rolling about in any mud and run thru every puddle she can find.



The worst smell ever.......2 wet dogs and fish and chips in the same car, yeuk My pest has just dumped her treat ball on my lap. Guess she`s still hungry,lol


Aww - I just love dog stories :-)

Thank you for sharing yours :-)

My dogs are important in my life - they are always there for a cuddle whether I'm grumpy or happy, in pain or able to take them for a walk :-) they are happy to see me even when I can't stand being me !!!

Bless our pets ;-)


totally agree


Hello we use pet at home wipes my hubby dry with towel and then wipes her whith the wipes it does work hope this can be of help to you I would not be without my lab she is my world take care

love beth x


Golly thank you for that, I might get some of those, what forgot to say in my post below is that Poppie loves to roll in revoltingness if she can, a fine bit of mouse entrail, eau de fox, you name it she loves it ;-) Eeeuuughh :o


Me too, I adore my doglets, small but oh so big in character. I once lived with someone who had a lab and a spaniel a

of with a terrier, once we had been for the daily walk, the wetter the better , even in summer the car would stink of dogs, strange though, my two smalls don't create the same smell, but am I being biased ? Mr Benjamin can smell a bit doggy at time and then gets the Pet Head shampoo to make him smell sweet again and dear Poppie, somehow she just doesn't smell at all, but then she does have a very thin coat, maybe that's the difference ! ;-) Mr B will walk through our stream every day, stops for a "gin and tonic" in the middle but little Miss pretty paws heads straight for the bridge every time :-)

Awwww what we do without our animals ?? :-) :-) :-)

Foggy x




What lovely dogs so cute I have 2 springers they are totally mental but they can read your mind and know when you need a cuddle x


Hi cowren / thank you / I love them to pieces :-)

I used to have a springer / she was a fabulous "gun dog" in her heyday :-) god bless her / she was 18years old when I had her put to sleep - it was after her death that I rescued these 2 little scoundrels / they were found in a box in the woods by a farmer friend of mine :-(

He couldn't keep them as he'd already got 4 dogs / I wasn't really looking to replace my springer so quickly but I believe these 2 were sent from heaven :-)

I've named them Bramble and Clover because they were found in the undergrowth :-( they were both approximately 8weeks old and very poorly :-(

We nursed them well again and they've been mine for 7 years / they are so faithful and loving little bitches :-)

Enjoy your springers :-)

Keep well - take care



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