Something is different today that has reduced my pain significantly. I need to determine what it is so I may repeat it.

For weeks I've had moderate pain plus migraines that have made it difficult for me to function at work. I considered taking today off. Instead I took naproxen on waking, had a hot shower and went to the office. Work today was different than usual. Instead of sitting at my desk alone in a cubicle, I had to go to a planning meeting in another building. I walked. Then I discussed issues with colleagues that I like. I walked back to my cubicle and felt invigorated, probably from both the walk and the comradery. Its Friday afternoon and I'm full of energy and my pain is minimal.


- naproxen in the morning

- hot shower in the morning

- two short walks

- preferred work environment/relationships

- not sitting in same chair all day

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  • All of the above works for me

  • Hi sasha12,

    I'm really interested in how this goes. Do let us know if you can sustain it or if your condition improves substantially.

    There have been many reports that suggest that light exercise like walking does benefit Fibro symptoms. My concern is the exhaustion and pain that comes later with a flare.

    Can't wait for your update. If you crack it, I'll definitely give it a go.

    Best wishes

  • Just a bit concerned it will result in a flare over the weekend. Don't want to sound like a misery. Perhaps it's because its a Friday!!

  • Absolutely that's what I do every day, the main thing i find is the mental benefits if I miss a walk then generally all day im out of sorts, but with a walk I'm more focused happier and generally better all round. keep it up.

  • brilliant differentiated observations! That's what I want to learn!

    (I am new, in the process of getting FM diagnosis, private Consultant Rheumatologist suspected it in 2011 - .symptoms since at least 1981)

  • That is excellent news.

    I'd say items 2,3,5 are more significant. We already know the value of naproxen.

    A hot shower/bath soothes most of us.

    Walking means getting the muscles moving at least gently (we don't need to train for a marathon), and the other.

    Changing posture regularly and for something comfortable surely can only help. I'd be interested to hear how this goes. :)

  • Exercise definitely helps, when I'm in a lot of pain.. I exercise. Even though I feel like I don't have the strength, I do it. I don't worry how sore it's going to make me, I'm sore anyway. It takes a long time to build it up where it doesn't deplete your energy levels. Saying that, laying on the sofa makes me feel worse than anything. I just tell myself I can do it. The stiffness is helped by daily yoga and stretching x hope this helps x

  • I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia.I rreturned to work this week after maternity leave and now I'm having a major flare up. I take Naproxen every day, have a hot bath or shower. My doctor has also given me codeine. Nothing seems to be working though. The differences this week have been;

    Sitting in same chair

    doing quite a bit of walking around from office to warehouse

    Hour long car journey in each direction

    I hope it eases soon. I've bought an electric blanket for the heat benefits. It's arriving today. I'm hoping it will make a difference.

  • My job involves a mixed routine. I have more pain if I am in the same position for too long.

  • I hope you have found something that works for you, keep us updated :)

  • I try and keep active and keep my mind stimulated. But still have days when I just can't move because of pain. I took tthe dogs for a walk with my husband yesterday then had a warm shower and rested for a bit. I have woken up this morning very stiff and sore with awful back ache 😣. Will dose up with pain meds including Naproxine and see how the day pans out.

  • U produced endorphins in the brain they kill pain, u where happy.

  • Oh that's excellent its a good feeling when your not in so much pain I'm guessing its a combination of what you did.

    You will get there xxx

  • I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this, as it sounds wonderful.

    Good luck


  • Hi sasha12....just seen this post and am impressed at the clear headed way you have gone about analysing your improvement.........keeping records over the past month has been a real eye opener for me. .....easy to forget what we were

    doing when, especially when trying to unravel the delay and cumulative effects any kind of exertion has on Fibro sufferers...hope you've been able to take what you learnt from this forward and that it has improved your symptom self management. All best.

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