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Pip assesment

Well I can't believe my friend had her medical at home by a nurse who works partime in a prison,i am totally gobsmacked,I thought they were using medical professionals who are trained on most conditions,she insisted my friend tried certain exercises,my friend said it's too painful,the nurse stated if she wouldn't do the exercises it would go against her,I can't believe what I witnessed, rant over. Xxx

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Hi Georgiegirl :)

I'm afraid what you witnessed is probably normal and most claimants will have experienced that at some point.

When asked to perform certain movements it is so they can assess your ability to do so, if we don't try then we are deemed unwilling and they can't/won't assess us. With this in mind as a claimant we must try or be failed!

I was told the same by the ATOS doc who came to my house for a DLA claim 2 years ago and when standing at the end of my bed lifting my arms to chest height and I lost my balance and fell over.

Fortunately for me I landed on the bed and the ATOS doc told me to stop because it was clear I couldn't go on. If I hadn't have put myself through that I would had end up failing and appealing their decision :o

Fluffies of comfort and support for you and your fibro friend and I hope that you can find friendly support and advice here :)

xxx sian :)

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I was also surprised this nurse from the prison new of my friends family my friend asked how she knew her family this nurse replied,I was in school with your oldest daughter,my friend said oh you must be local,the nurse said yes only a 15 minute drive from here , xxxxxxxx



Is that even allowed??

That does surprise me :o


I was shocked too,just goes to show what's really going on out there,I can't wait to see what award she gets,I got a feeling might be wrong I can see a complaint going in xxx


If it doesn't go her way please remember to seek advice from an advocacy service such as Welfare Rights or Citizen Advice straight away as they understand the process and see it through to the end :)

If you need any further info please give a holler and we will see what or how we could possible help :) xxx :)


Thanks. Zeb73 I will let you know what ever the outcome take care xxxx


They're not supposed to demand you do tasks that cause pain or discomfort. It's grounds for complaint, one of the Medicals I had the nurse was lovely she said if it hurts don't try it. She advised the support group, the next assessment was completely different the nurse was very demanding and harsh and she knew I was in pain, still she lied and said I did the task without difficulty, and even said I did things she never asked me to.

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Hi snappy feet, just goes to show what we are up against ,when my friend gets her dreaded brown envelope or phone call I'll let you know xxx


Please do, I hope your friend is successful. Always get a copy of the report especially if it's a fail xx


I am not surprised to read this, but I wanted to wish your friend all the best of luck with her application.

Good luck



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