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H im so gutted just rang up to see about my pip to see if they had made a decision they told me they have given nothing on mobility and just the standad rate of care 55 pound a week i was on the highest mobilty and lowest disability god knows what the assesor put ive been told to apply for a mandatory reconsideration has anybody else done this could you give me tips thanks x

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  • Please don't panic or get upset. DWP routinely do this, I think in the hope that you will accept and not appeal.

    Definitely do ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration.

    Ask for your report to see where you have lost out on points and write back the details of what you disagree about.

    Our Benefits lady Janet may be able to help you,

    FMA UK have a dedicated benefit helpline, you can ring Janet, or email her for help, advice and assistance:

    Benefits helpline 0300 999 0055 (Mon & Fri 10.00-12.00)

    Fax: 0844 826 9033

    Link To webpage:

    You can send an email from this page:


    If you need any further help, please contact anyone in Admin who will be more than happy to help you.

    You could also make an appointment with the Citizens Advice.

    All is not lost!


  • thank you will do xx

  • Hi there, this is only slightly related but Dont know if anyone can help?

    I have not worked since September of last year due to my pain.

    Got a diagnosis of FM Osteoarthritis, Low Vit D. Still looking into my inflammatory markers and a result from an MRI. I have Fluid on my knees also. ( The nice (not) Rheumatologist told me that no way were my knees swollen and he couldn't see that they had fluid in...... Proved him wrong when my test results came back)

    Back to my question. I am due on June 13th for an assessment for ESA. I am currently on the lowest amount if £73 a week, but I also receive PIP at the standard rate. I was awarded PIP prior to my diagnosis.

    Do they take into account that you are on PIP and are they understanding of FM and its endless symptoms?

    I am only 45 so obviously Dont want to not be working forever, but right Now its difficult to just get through a day at home.

    Any advice will be gratefully received.

    Thank you.

  • Amyhan To be absoltely honest it seems to vary from assessor to assessor and to their understanding of fibro. The criteria for PIP and ESA are different as one is looking at your capability to do any job and the other is to do with how your illness affects you on a more practical level on a daily basis. I think the fact that you are getting the PIp can only help.. Sometimes if you are waiting for treatment for your fibro eg rhematologists, pain clinics etc that can often go in your favour and they might give you an ESA award for a period to allow you to have got some answers. It is some time since I got ESA but I know with my first assessmentI was initially given it with a review to be done in 3 months as I had just started on some medication that I was hoping would work. Good luck with your assessment.x

  • Hi, I got exactly the same result as you, even though I'd just been awarded a blue badge, surely that says my mobility is impaired? At moment pain from fibro, chronic fatigue and Sjogrens so bad I can hardly move out of chair , to name but a few at the moment. I don't know how they make their deductions, and totally sympathise with you. I've just sent my reconsideration letter of, which was basically a long four page rant, which left my hands in agony, but I basically put down what my life is really like each day. My Rheumatologist wrote me a letter to send in with it starring my conditions and how difficult it made each day and also that I had greatly impaired mobility and needed whatever help I could receive. I don't know if this will help, they said when I rang them that another assessor would look at it. I also wrote down my concerns about how inefficient the face to face was and facts I wasn't happy with. I tend to loose the plot at best of times so it was a real mixed up rant! When I first applied for pip I asked myGP, chronic pain physio, OT for a letter, I got back from them that D W P would have to write to them and pay if they wanted any info . DWP will only do this if assessor thinks they need more info to make decision. If you can get any letter from medical people or anyone who helps you send it in with your appeal letter Good luck with it, try not to let it stress you too much, all the best , Sandra x

  • Do go for a mandatory reconsideration. Go over their findings with a fine toothcomb as it is amazing what glaring errors they make. With my DLA they said they had based their decision on my form and a GP's letter and had refused me. Afer checking with my GP as he was the one who ahd told me to give up work and claim a benefit and I thought it was strange that he hadn't supported me I found out that in fact they hadn't even contacted him. I had much joy in pointing out that the tribunal judges would love to read that a decision had been made partly on a report that had never existed and I couldn't wait to go to the tribunal. Within three days I had a letter overturning the decision and giving me DLA. With my husband's ESA the nurse had his medication all wrong even though she had been given the green and white repeat prescription form which she just had to copy off and he said she could keep. If he had taken the amount of Epilepsy drugs she recorded he would have been pushing up daisies. There were masses of other mistakes, we won at tribunal. Never give up hope, don't go down without a fight.x

  • Sorry to hear this it is very upsetting just going to the assessment. Before you ask for a Mandatory consideration call and ask for a copy of your assessment report. That is so important to have that first so that you can see what the assessor had said and then can focus on the things that wrong against the PIP descriptors point by point. Don't take it personally stick to the points and their descriptors so that they can't argue with their own rules. M x

  • Yes identical to you only I was on high rate DLA and standard care I sent off my letter for reconsideration on April 29th and am still waiting I am going to take it through to appeal if I gave to as it's ridiculous hope you can sort your case out good luck xx

  • I am taking one of my sons to the HMCourts tribunal. He is very slow in understanding what is wanted of him. But seemingly they want his body not his mental state. So appeal. I am not looking forward to it, but if I cannot stick up for him there is not anyone else to do it. It is for ESA.

  • I am so sorry to hear this news. I would definitely put in for the mandatory reconsideration. Like others have suggested get a copy of what the assessor failed you on and take it from there. I wish you the very best of luck. But it as been said more people than not win there tribunal.

    Mo xx

  • I also lost my D.L.A. after the face to face assessment with the PIP. I appealed was turned down again so now I am waiting for my court appointment to appeal for the last time. I was awarded no points on anything and the summary they gave on some of the questions were totally wrong and fabricated. I am angry that they, well she has put answers which were incorrect. I have been sent a copy of the paperwork I completed along with letters etc. and a copy of their paperwork and the reasons they have given as to why I have been turned down, I have scoured these and found many mistakes and discrepancies. I have had rheumatoid Arthritis for 16yrs, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis of the lower spine numerous stomach problems due to the drugs taken, Meralgia Paresthletica and have an appointment this Thursday at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Birmingham for a suspect tumor on my leg. I am 62yrs old. Haven't a clue what my chances will be at court or which way it will go. Fingers crossed X.

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