Hello Guys.

I sent my PIP forms back in March, then 10 weeks ago I have my home visit and they took more details. What I am concerned about is that its been 10 weeks now and I still haven't heard a thing from them. I'm very worried about it. I did ring them last week and I was told it was talking longer than expected. Yet a friend of mine had her home visit and within less than 2 weeks she had her decision back, she was refused but why did she get her letter back so fast? Could anyone help me with this please.

Many thanks

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  • Hi I'm still waiting to hear anything from them after submitting my PIP form about 3 months ago.

    I don't know why it takes so long, hope you hear soon.

    Do you just have fibro or like most of us a combination of things?

    Do you know why they refused your friend? I'm worried because I've had no money since I finished work in April.

    Hope you get good news.


  • Hi, thank you for your reply. I have Fibro, Arthritis and a few other issue. They refused my friend saying that she doesn't qualify, she has Fibro and can't move around very well, but they said that she didn't need any help and could manage alone.

    You have been waiting longer than me, have you called them to see what is happening? What do you have wrong with you? x

  • I haven't called them because on the form it said not to.

    I have fibro, a bulging disc in my back that is pressing on the root nerve. Arthritis & just waiting to hear results from hospital on a biopsy I had done as they think I might have a condition called giant cell arteritus. They removed an artery from my forehead to look at it.

  • Oh bless you, I bet you are in a lot a pain. I sorry that you are going through so much. I have no idea what giant cell arteritus is is sorry.

    I didn't know that it said not to give them a call otherwise I wouldn't have. She was really nice on the phone though.

    what was the person like who came out to do your assessment? x

  • I haven't had an assessment yet, still waiting to hear. That condition is inflammation of the artery. I'm on high dose steroids at the moment. If the results are positive I will need to take them for 2 years.

    If not treated it can cause blindness or stroke so lucky it was picked up by my GP.

  • It took them approx 5-6 months before they came out to me to do my assessment, yet when she came to me she told me it would be 6-8 weeks until they got back to me with a decision, but like it said its been 10 wks now. I will give them another couple of weeks and give them a call. I am so worried about it, I just know I would never be able to hold a job down.

    Yes it was very lucky that it was picked up for you.

    I wish you all the best hun. x

  • Hello Purple Orchid...I'm new around here...and just found your post from 4 months ago...and wondering how you are getting-along with the PIPs process by now...? Has this resolved in your favour? x

  • Hi purpleorchid

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? It can take a very long time on occasion to sort out and adjudicate on disability benefits. Depending on where you are in the country the waiting times are very dissimilar.

    Please be patient and hopefully yours is taking more time for a good reason? It could be that they are trying to ascertain more medical evidence prior to making their decision? I want to wish you all the best of lcuk with your claim.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken, I hope your right.

  • Unfortunately there is no time limit it can take months and months.

  • Hi,

    I've been awaiting assessment for around 11 months! It's madness.


  • So many factors can cause the delays that people are getting with PIP sometimes it is worth a call to give them a gentle nudge forward.

    Be Well

  • It took them 4 months after my home assessment, before I heard. I think my hubby rang them too. Mine was with Capita. I would call them again if I were you. Good luck x

  • I was just going to say what Ken has that often the delay is because they are contacting people that you have put forward like your GP or consultant to give evidence on your behalf. I know they can be very lax at replying to things. I also think they are still not really geared up to this PIP and haven;t got the staff so in some areas it is taking a long time. In some ways I think the longer they take the more likely you are to be getting it as they haven't just rejected it like your friends. Fingers crossed for you, keep us updated.x

  • I had my home assessment two month ago and heard within 3 weeks. I was denied it by 2 points. They said I could bathe with aid, prepare food with aids and dress with aids, none of this is right. My assessment was with Atos (which says it all). My partner has to wash the top half of me including washing and combing my hair, he also has to help me dress. my claim has gone to reconsideration and can take up to 10 weeks. Even though I have changed doctors, I'm still not getting anywhere. He just goes on about my thyroid which I have had since I was 18 months old. I have had fibro for 12 years. I am on Pregabalin 150mg and amytryptiline for fibro and 375mg for hypothyroid.

  • hi was hoping to find a post saying you won appeal etc ...

    Please say you are awarded now

  • Why are u worried, may be they are still try to get all the information from authorities(dr ,hospital).

    Or may be who so ever is dealing with your case is a very laid back . I will say don't worry u will here from them.

    Every case is treated differently.

    Good luck.

  • Phoned today & there was a message that said that by the end of the year they hope to deal with all claims within 16 of receiving the claim form.

  • 16 weeks that is x

  • Thank you everyone for reply to my Post, you all seem very laid back about it so I will take a leaf out of your books. I will however let you know when I get my decision back.

    Have a great Christmas and I hope the pains for you all isn't to bad over the festive period xx

  • I have found that those that get a reply very early are normaly the ones that get it refused and those that are made to wait end up receiveing it ! "ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE THAT WAIT"

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