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I keep reading stories about pip and I'm terrified that I will not receive anything. I was awarded higher rate DLA when I was 17, I now use my award against motability for my car this enables me to get to work, I work 21 hours a week but would never make the journey by bus as it would be too much, I don't really go anywhere by myself other than to work, my husband and 17 year old son are brilliant and I don't have to worry about anything in the house, the only thing I take charge of is the shopping but my hubby comes with me, if I left it to him we'd have loads of food but nothing that we could make a meal with Lol I am lucky that he works 4 on 4 off and is around most of the time. My employers are fab too, I work for a company that sells holidays to disabled people so they are extremely understanding and have made all the necessary adaptions that I need. I don't have to walk far, I use the furniture etc in the house and at work, but if I do need to walk any distance I have my trusty walking stick. I have friends who have said that surely if I have had the DLA this long there is no way they would take it away, given that I have got worse over the years not better, I had revision hip replacement in June 2014 but this has not helped the nerve damage as I thought it might.

Really worried!




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Hi Nicola, I wish I could reassure you and tell you you will get a comparable rate of PIP but unfortunately I have no idea how the swap over goes. I have just been granted low rate mobility after an appeal and I have a doctors report stating I can barely walk 30 yards. At my initial assessment I was only given 4 points and yet I am no worse now than I was then. I would suggest you consult your local citizens advice bureau or a disability advice place if you have one. Good luck, Linda.

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Hi Nicola

There are so many different stories about PIP however I cannot see that your mobility element will change under your circumstances. Make sure your GP is aware that you are worried. He should know every thing about your case and be very helpful for yor to keep it .

I think there is a lot of scare mongering to do with PIP. I found in my own case the home visit was pleasent enough. We sat around the kitchen table. You just have to explain your situation honestly and how bad the pain is when you move. So that part will be sorted and then they will look at other elements. Just be honest we all tend to cover up the things we find hard to do. I mean can you fill and lift a kettle with out help. Fill and lift a pan of water and carry to the cooker? Do you make your way around the house with difficulty using furniture surfing. Can you get to the loo easily do you need help. Have you been offered a kettle lifter?

The questions are just about our basic needs.

At the end I was releaved it had not been harder. So good luck keep calm and we will all be thinking of you.



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There is a difference in the qualifying walking distance between Higher Rate Mobility DLA and Enhanced Rate Mobility PIP ie the award that qualifies for Motability. For HRM DLA it's 50m for ERM PIP it's 20m - quite a difference - although with PIP walking 50m would still entitle you to a Blue Badge.

PIP descriptors here: file:///C:/Users/user/Downloads/pip_9_table_of_activities_descriptors_and_points.pdf

When working out which descriptor applies to you, the health professional must consider for each descriptor whether you can carry out the activity described:

* safely

* to an acceptable standard

* repeatedly

* in a reasonable time period (ie the activity should take you no more than twice as long as the maximum time someone without a disability would normally take).

If you can't do any or all of these, then a higher scoring descriptor should apply to you. So if you can walk more than 20 m but you can't do so safely, reliably, repeatedly & in good time you should still score 12 points.

Never take being marked down lying down, be prepared to appeal! We've always had help completing forms from my local CAB & they've been a great help to my husband and I with appeals. I must admit I'm dreading the changeover having to fight for entitlement all over again.

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Hi hun I really don't think you have anything to worry about , I got my forms today never claim anything before im not hopeful but I'm gonna give it a go take care x

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I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck with this.

Good luck



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