Allergic reaction to fibromyalgia meds 😥

Allergic reaction to fibromyalgia meds 😥

Hi all, I'd like to start by saying I apologise for not replying to everybody as I just feel so sore and drained, been to the doctors and I've had an allergic reaction to my medication for fibromyalgia 😢. So now I have to go without until it clears up 👎 it helps me sleep helps depression and it's a painkiller so I don't know how I'll. Open without it I'm feeling so down at the moment I can't even walk I'm frightened because I ended up in hospital last time I was this bad.. I just don't know what to do x

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  • Hi what meds were you on ? And I hope your dr finds something quick to help you

    Gentle Hugs 🤗 🤗

  • Hi X-Jojom-X wow poor you, that looks really angry & sore. What a nightmare for you. Surely there must be something else they can give you, it's a bit much. Do you use a tens machine or have any alternative therapy you could use for the pain ?. Maybe going to hospital may not be a bad thing, they may be able to try you on other medication, they won't leave you in pain. I surpose he's thinking.if your allergic to that medication you may be allergic to others. It must be very stressful my friend & i do feel for you & if you want to chat please pm me.

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan xx

  • Hi X-Jojom-X, what were the drugs? Looks so sore behind your ears you poor thing.

    I was allergic to several tablets before I finally got on with a very low dose of Pregabalin which helps the pain a little but not the sleep. I took antihistamine to reduce the swelling and allergy effects.

    I hope this episode resolves quickly for you. Stay strong xxx

  • Hi hun- I had this reaction to pregab & gabapent, our bloods and constitution differ so much its trial and error to find a medication that helps us, maybe try using some SKIN antihistamines to clear out your blood of this toxin, I had this rash like yours all over my face which itched like mad!! Speak to your pharmacist they are usually brilliant ,suggest Loratidine to clear you up!

  • Thanks all, I spent all day at hospital yesterday because of my joint pain.. But today my allergy has taken over its alot worse and just keeps spreading managed to get an appointment with the out of hours so hopefully they'll give me something to get rid... So much going on at the moment I will try to reply to everyone I'm just so drained Thankyou all for your support and advice xxx

  • Hi X-Jojom-X

    I am so truly sorry to read this my friend and I genuinely hope that you are on the mend now. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

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