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looking for an old wheelchair

looking for an old wheelchair

Hi! my name is Samantha and i just found out about this page.

One of my hobbies is cosplaying and my doctors said i have to stop in 5 years. It is not going to hold me back offcourse and I'm planning to do this in a wheelchair but i haven't found one that looks good for my costume. If somebody know where to find these old ones please share ;)

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Hi Samantha! great picture!

I don't have a lead on such a wheelchair for you. I wish I did!

Yet, I want to take the time to let you know I admire your plans to keep on enjoying life while making any adjustments you may need to make in order to do so!

You are clearly a "winner!"

Thanks for your inspiration!



Hello. The only thing I can think of is E Bay or the equivalent where you are. Good luck and well done for the positive attitude. Lou xx


Likewise. Go for it and fight the demon - oh, you are :P


Hi WolfxGirl

If you are in medical need of a wheelchair then your GP could give you a referral to ''Rehabilitation'' at your local hospital as they can offer you a wheelchair for medical purposes.

Good luck



Good luck WolfxGirl, I hope you find what you're looking for and it helps keep you going. You look so young to be told that you will have to stop one of your hobbies within the next 5 years. Can't your doctor help at least point you in the right direction? There's always the Internet, eBay or gumtree are just two sites I have heard of, don't know if there's anything more local to where you live? Good luck in your search, Samantha, hugs, Julie xxx


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