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firemen and parking men

firemen and parking men

my daughter has arrived from zimbabwe to see her very very sick dad chemo has had no effect on luekemia we are not sure if he will come out of hospital.. but the everyday petal(me) is as ussual trying to find a laugh in life


for the uninformed the rainbow nation is south africa not Zimbabwe lol.

any ways i digress

sandy took me to wood green shopping mall in my pram otherwise known as a wheelchair.

I have no idea how her kidssurvivedto teen age years......

she was pushing the chair along the pedestrian walk and a wheel became firmly stuck in a rain now the wheelchair which needs four wheels decided became travel sick and threw up

As I was the only thing it had inside it I was given a sht impromptu flying lesson .

i i am not a small person in fact i am FAT and old

i flew about five inches smacking my back on wheel chair skidded to a halt on my elbows and knees landing in in a huge heap on the floor with cars driving around me


after twenty off minutes of trying with out success to ge t back in the chair TWO PARKING ATTENDENTS......parking attendants even.....NOT SEXY FIREMEN came to my help.

my shoulder joints are riddle with arthritis as are my elbows and other spots .they painfully for all concerned dragged me to me feet and then i found i had pulled all the muscles in both thighs and one calf as well as screaming agony in arms

i wobbled into chair now fully aware that parking attendents are as strong and as good looking as firemen.

someone once said that i should give my chair a name as i did not like using it.. i can think of a name now but too much of a lady to put it in print

now you understand why i wont use my electric one. the thing would have run over me and finished the job..



ps no picture as it wasnt very pretty

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I am so sorry about your husband and felt almost guilty about laughing at your post but as you say you find the humour in most everything and although painful you made your experience sound so funny... Much respect to you for coping through all that with a smile..

Hugs VG xx


My blogs r mostly imtended to make me laugh at life Nd hopefully others lol


Ohh blossom i am in stitches!!!! You made my Sunday laid in bef but on the other side very sorry to hear about your hubby but i guess with such a lovely vibrant sense of humour like you have he will not be so miserable.

You are so funny i want to know you more lol.

What is it with Firemen ?! I like firemen for their job and big red engine! I bet they Roar lol and their pipes roll on forever and whooosh!!

They can sort any fire out.

Hmm parking attendants let me write you a love note you wont be pleased haha

Countries!! I think i am still learning about the one i live in :-/

Whhelchair ( mobility scooter, mazaraati)!! ??

My dear beloved Anty now gone omg she could clear any path and give me a race down dual carriage way ( quite safe its a dead end one) my uncle once had to get through my gate when he came to collect her one evening having a glass of wine or tooo he ended up upside down stuck but we was howling so much in laughter that she decided to water my garden in stead of the loo!! We did manage to help him to get it on ramps of car.. She never was safe in summer time to drive home on it her son and mine would have to stand on it with her because she arms folded fast asleep pmrofl ... I soooo soo miss her she was 53 and its 4 yrs this month she passed.

Think you definately should do Sunday morning Blogs

So very sorry you hurt your self though and glad you did get some help bet you were smiling all the way all those men bless xxxxxxcazzie xxx


Oh Blossom poor you glad you can see the funny side of it all. I never thought of Parking attendants being sexy you were lucky!

So how are you Today not too grim I hope and I do wish all the very best to your husband!

Thanks for making us all smile x gins


Dear Petal, I hope that I can learn to have your outlook on life. You clearly have a wonderful sense of humour and in spite of the tragedy behind the story can still laugh at life's blows. God bless both you and your husband. All good wishes. Jane x


dear Petal what lenghts you go to get picked up by hunky men ha ha x so sad to hear your hubby is so ill lovley to have your daughter home but under such sad circumstances,when i decided to miss the kerb as i stepped up i did it in front of hunky builders who helped haul me up and onto a bus , my i did feel so silly and old but at least the damage was minor,warm hugs , take care x J


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