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Hello, I thought I would share some good news.

A year ago faced with energy cost increases from all the suppliers listed on you switch I was at my wits end then I saw a tv interview with the man who runs Ovo. I rang them up and gave the customer service woman my readings for the last year. My bill was calculated at £15 a month less than I was currently paying. So my joint electric and gas came down to £72 a month. After 3 months that came down to £68 a month. I have just renewed with them and its down to £61 a month. Better yet, when you are in credit with them they pay you the interest on your balance. I cannot rate this firm highly enough. They are so easy to talk to and very helpful they even send me an email every month to remind me to send them my meter readings. No more headaches, now I smile about my supplier. Have a great weekend everyone x

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  • Wow! You have been very lucky...:-D :-D I am having problems with npower at the moment, with them taking more money for a direct debit than agreed!! I have given them the Ultimation to sort themselves out or I'm going elsewhere!! I will write the name of this group you have suggested and keep it handy!!....Thanks for the info!

  • That's who I was with. They wanted to put mine up at renewal even though I was £300+ in credit. Madness!

  • Hi - my probs with npower have been going on for 2+ yrs and that's with the ombudsman involved. Go to the O'man now. It's an exhausting hike.

  • Ok! Thanks for that information....I will probably check out these other suppliers and do a bit of maths, pay npower off and say good bye!! I certainly don't want them to be able to take "any" amount of money out of my account whenever they want to, which is what they were going to do!! Thanks again.... Ninja....xx

  • You have my deepest sympathy, it angers me that these companies behave as if they are god and that we have to put up with it. Hence the shared info. No one in this country should have to choose between heating and eating. Its wrong on so many levels.

  • On this subject, I thought I'd add that if you're on a low income or disability benefits, you may qualify for a winter discount on your energy costs. To check, you can look on the website of your energy suppler.

    Also, I'm not sure if this is still going but a year or two ago there was a kind of Green homes scheme where people could get a free boiler (if theirs was old) and other help. I think it was mentioned on a site called Money Saving Expert if anyone is interested in this x

  • That's good to know, what's annoying is that the small companies are not included on the comparison web sites. Re the boiler deal, its being advertised on tv at the moment and its really worth it. My place is council and they replaced my boiler a few years ago. Smaller, super quiet and much cheaper to run.

  • Hi nokidding

    Thank you so much for sharing this information, I am certain it will help a lot of members.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I also had problems with n-power for 2 years changed over probs solved

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