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Morning All Tuesday Dawns how is everyone this morning? I can see smiles in the East South West and the North Thank goodness for that!!!:)

In life we find we have to reinvent our selves. This is a fact . Fibro is yet another extension of this, each of us learns how to accept and change to accommodate it. It will not allow us to carry on in the same way. So most of us accept the challenge and endeavour to find out how we can moderate pain and live to the best of our abilities. :)

Changing the subject: A cow with a name ie Fiona will produce 450pints more than one with no name :) Badger is this a fact do you know?

The crunch on a crisp or an apple in your mouth is a mini sonic - boom!

Hummingbirds lay eggs the size of peas! Well they would the birds are only tiny the size of a 50pence pieces or there abouts :) :) but they are so wonderful :)

Ok get a cuppa and can everyone pleaser write a sunny thought!

SUNNY THOUGHT :) to make us all smile :) about anything you like :) a place, person, an animal, what ever you can come up with it does not have to be funny just SUNNY

So the object to day is a "Sunny thought`' `;0 `;0 :) :):):)

this thought makes you smile always!!

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Morning Gins. I hope that you are feeling better today.

The one thought that always makes me smile is the day 4 month old Megan got hold of my friends false teeth.

She came out from behind the chair wearing them the right way round. :P

And i am that this sure will bring a smile.

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Don't EVER try to tell me collies are intelligent :O

BTW, I'm not convinced about cows but I am now certain they recognise individuals by the way they react with different wardens


You had told me that story about the teeth a while back and it was hilarious then and again today just remembering it in full, your job is done :D

The video is very funny, but I am not sure that Collie has all his marbles but will give him 10/10 for recognising the human shape :) :)


Hehehe. Coffee and croissants today ? I had a cheese and bacon wrap on Saturday and can still taste it. It was a rare visit to a decent baker.

Haven't heard the one about cows but I'm not surprised. Off the top of my head any human who gives them a name would think about and treat them differently - contented cows. My little boys and girls are brilliant. There's the odd bolshy one but I'm still surprised at their docility.

Was watching a program about a man walking the Nile. He met a village living on an island. their cows were all over and among the people. I wouldn't say they were tame - well they were- When you live 24/7 like this we would not do it. Small children were among huge horns and the animals were being pulled about the way you would a pet dog - and taking no notice.

Baby humming birds are fed caterpillars and insects. (actually this is true of most birds whatever the adults eat- protein is vital and nectar just wont do it for a growing kid.)

sunny. 3 of my lads, Gavin, Louis and Smidgeon. Louis ignores me. Smidge hides behind Gavin EVERY time for 5 minutes then gets bold and comes out. Peering round his protector like a toddler round granddads legs. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet.

I'm doing a pretty good job of adapting to fibro. It's just annoying sometimes when I cant tell the difference between it and arthritis and need to talk to a medic.


Should have brushed your teeth after your wrap :P


'It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.'

Scott F Fitzgerald

Morning Gins :D

How are you feeling this morning?

Fleecy warming fluffies heading your way :)

xxx sian :)


I like that, it is a feel good one :)


The thing that always makes me smile when I think about it:

My daughter was only 3, her little sister was only 3 months old and she was getting fed up of her still being there. My OH was trying to get a cuddle with the latest addition when the eldest piped up that the baby was to leave her daddy alone. We tried explaining that he was the new babies daddy too. It was her reply that still makes me laugh.

"He's my daddy, she can have you!" then she gives her daddy the biggest smile ever and says "daddy when I grow up I am going to marry you so you better reverse mummy"

Thankfully he hasn't learnt how to reverse me :)

I hope it gives you the giggle I got out of it :)


Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings . . .

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Just got off the phone to mobile phone people, they have halved my last bill ! Yippee. ..Also jyst read badgers mouse message, am well set up for day now, chuckle chuckle,


So Badger was your sunny thought :) hehehehehe


Hi Gins, sunny thoughts? Certainly need them this morning - had probs with the internet so Son helped me move the bookcase, complete with books and ornaments away from the wall where the phone connection is last night as we have to have the engineers out to sort out the phone line. There is a gale force wind coming in thru' the air brick now! I think I'm going to have to do some exercises, (shudders at the thought), to warm up, perhaps another fleeced wrap as well as my Mum's shawl will help - plus another cuppa and a sunny thought....... Sunny thoughts, ...... Walking along the warm Cornish sand, with the waves lapping around my feet, I love the feeling of warm sand between my toes, the warmth of the sun on my face, mmmmmm........ Warm sun......mmmm warm, sunny thoughts,....


That is brilliant I too love walking along the sunny sand ! :)


Sadly not been a good day for me today. I have really struggled today and not felt my usual self.

Take care my friend

Ken x x


Oh Ken I am sorry you are so below parr do hope you feel better today . I see you are Doc visiting for blood pressure - good chap my OH wont go have to put a fire work up his .... to get him there it is so tiresome !




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