Howling Howie!

Howling Howie!

Having a bad day today, mum was diagnosed with Alzheimers yesterday, and to be honest I am absolutely heartbroken. I thought I would cheer myself up by sharing a picture of our latest rescue pusscat 'Howling Howie'.

This is a picture of the little darling taking ownership of the dogs bed and bones. Dog not very happy.

Howling was called Howie when he came to us and I was going to change his name, but as we found, he has such a woeful howl and bleat that we decided he had to remain Howling Howie.

Beautiful little thing, running us and the dog ragged!

I know a lot of us find a lot of comfort from our animals and hope this picture makes you smile and that everyone is as well as they can be xxx

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  • Sorry to hear of your Mums diagnosis, life can be so unkind. Do look after yourself though, heartbreaking though it is you will only cope if you take care of you first. All best wishes. Lou xx

  • Thanks Lou xx

  • Sorry about your sad news it is such a horrible illness. The lady next door has it and we have been trying to support her husband.

    What a wonderful cat I bet he has crept into your hearts already, well perhaps not the dogs, perhaps he wants a bit of company.

    I know where we used to stay on holiday their car went downhill for no reason and the vet could find no physical reason it slept all the time and would not eat and did not want to go out. There dog had recently died and the she came back with a rescue puppy the cat immediately perked up, started eating and shared the dogs basket from there on and they became that best of friends.

    My OH's family always had cats and dogs together and it was the dog that pined when the cat died so they had to get it a rescue kitten. When the cat had kittens she used to let them crawl all over her and she would clean them and out them back in their bed when they were tired it was really touching to watch.x🐶🐈

  • Thanks Rosewine.

    Early days with my mum and we are still shell shocked.

    Howling Howie and the dog actually get on really well, they play together around the garden, regardless of my plants, but ultimately the cat is boss!

    He is only a young fella and we thought he was going to be timid. Not the case, and he has the most enormous back legs that he doesn't fit at the minute, and we are sort of hoping he never will as he will be better suited to a zoo.

    thanks for the kind thoughts, hope you are as well as possible xx

  • Beautiful cat! So sorry to hear about your mom. I know that must be hard. Just remember the good times. Try to be there for her but please take care of yourself to. Hugs

  • Thank you xx

  • dear annieblue,

    sorry to hear the news regarding your mum, I can only offer you a gentle hug.

    your new cat is beautiful. I totally agree that animal companions help us to cope with what life throws at us. I know cookie has listened to me when ive told her whats wrong, she has sat with me when I'm feeling low. they are wonderful x

  • Thanks caninecrazy.

    The cats and dog situation here can drive you a little crazy at times, but we wouldn't be without them. Just dread a wet day when it is like having young bored children stuck inside!


  • Beautiful Cat also very sorry to hear of your Mum's Diagnosis. My Dear Dad has Vascular Dementia. My Lovely Cocker Spaniel Millie, & Cat Molly. Really Lift Your Spirits. Much Love. Jan.. XX

  • Thanks Jan. They are truly horrible illnesses. Thoughts with you and your dad xx

  • So sorry about your mum. Alzheimer's is a cruel illness. Now you have a diagnosis then you can hopefully get some support. The Alzheimer's Society have lots of information. My mother is now in a care home but was at home for quite a while before that. My dad had carers and she went to a day centre for a while. My brother and sisters were brilliant.

    I rarely see her as I live 400 miles away and my health is not good. But it is a comfort to know that she is happy and well cared for.

    My very best wishes to you and your family.

  • Thanks panda60.

    Sorry to hear about your mum. It is hard when you live a distance away, and I am only an hour away, not 400 miles. Mum lives on her own and my brother has been in denial, so we now need to start working out the best way for her.

    I am glad your brother and sisters are so good, if your health is not great it is good that you don't have to worry about her.

    Best wishes, Ann xx

  • So sorry about your mum ,cant imagine how upset you must be feeling sending you loads of hugs . X

    Love your howling howie , I have a howling Murphy he's a beagle wouldn't be without him , just had a mad 5 mins of howling as shadow on the sofa lounging he's a lab and there was no room for him .😀

  • Thank you.

    We have a lot of fun with our 2 cats and the dog, they all have such different characters, though I know to non animals lovers I sound like a nutter xxx

  • I have lost some friends because of Murphy we are still friendly but they don't come round coz of the dogs , but I'd rather have the unconditional love , than part time friends. 😀

  • Hi Annieblue

    I am so genuinely sorry to read about your mum and my heart goes out to your whole family. I sincerely hope that now she has received a diagnosis that help, assistance and medical care are freely available for her, and the offer of helping yourself come to terms with this insidious and horrid illness. Please take care of one another and you will all be in my thoughts.

    I really love the picture of your new cat, he is so beautiful.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you Ken xx

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