abdo pain/necktight

my neck has been "tight" all day tho able to swallow reasonably ok,then tonight got soreness in my left side radiating around to back.had a meal at midday so don't think what ive eaten is the cause.my dog looking at me with nothing but concern in her eyes.appointment on Monday at hospital for nerve tests,hoping that when they see how swollen my legs are they may do something may gp Is not acknowledging. abdomen more swollen and heavier tho will wait till morning when it has "gone down"a bit before eating again and see how much by.

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  • Hi anbuma, I have had a tight throat for a while now, and pain, but mine radiates around to my back on my right side. My gp has referred me for a scan and given me a form for blood tests as I have had my gallbladder out and it is the same kind of pain and in the same area I had with the gallstones, and she is worried that I have lost weight without trying, over 6kg when she weighed me two weeks ago, and I am not trying to diet (LOL!) When I told her that my Mum had either undiagnosed liver or ovarian cancer, she became concerned, told her about me needing extra Lansoprazole esp. after fatty foods, she's going down the path of checking for any more stones have developed, hoping that that is the cause. I really, really hope you get a diagnosis that will put your mind at ease. Now, I have to try and get my 6ft tall 15year old Son to bed - he has fallen asleep on the settee while watching tv with me - I don't think he is going to be looking at me with concerned eyes! Wish me luck! Hugs, Julie xxx

  • Hi anbuma

    I am so sorry to read that, and I do not think it is food related if you had your main meal earlier in the day? It is probably best to get this checked out?

    I was wondering if you have ever been diagnosed with Oedema? It may be worth discussing with your GP or at your hospital appointment? I have pasted you the NHS Choices link about Oedema below, my wife has this really bad and it makes her ankles, legs etc really swell up:


    Good luck with your appointment.

    Ken x

  • thank you ken.please ec=xcuse any typing errors ive mislaid my glasses.i have brought it to my drs attention baout swelling btu he has put nothignin my notes about it or skin rashes.consideering it wa sa gp who pointed out my tonguw was swollen they should be recorded in my notes.just got back fropm dog walk _bu shome cos couldnt walk any more.still sore in left side and pressure incnetre abdomen.dont htink thye will say anything at my appoiointment re stomach as ther efor nerve induction tests.will tell my gp on tuesday and demand he listens and accepts what i tell him.

  • Hi anbuma, think Ken has a very good idea about getting your gp to check for oedema. I think perhaps he has overlooked this diagnosis due to being obsessed with your 'weight gain', and therefore has been blinded to anything other than you gaining weight, not where or why. Before I got my fibro diagnosis, my gp put hypochondria down in my notes as he couldn't find anything in my tests to say why I was in pain all over plus so tired all the time. Plus, when I saw a different gp about the same problem earlier in the year, because I said I thought it was another trapped nerve, she referred me to physio! But I'm not medically trained so she should have taken all my symptoms into consideration and not just taken my, the patient's, word for what it was! Gentle hugs, Julie xxx

    (PS, Son has fallen asleep on the settee again, after asking for the darts to be put on the tv! I am Not carrying him to bed, he can stay there if he doesn't wake up himself. Luckily he did so last night, I just hope he does so too tonight!)

  • hi Julie,the weight thing has been an issue for about 3 years ,have always maintained since somewhere before 2011 that I didnt eat cakes biscuits snacks crisps or puddings and that my weight gain was predominantly abdominal as lost elsewhere-ie bum and legs.noone ever accepted this and they only considered my total body weight and cos gained over 2 stone classed me as being obese which made me irate.since that time too a battle to get anything diagnosed -as dont accept what i tell them etc.they havent given me answers and then he wonders why i seek advice elsewhere.they dismiss symptoms cos bloods are allegedly "normal"but the bloods were arranged as a result of symptoms .fed up with being told "its your stomach" or " i dont know what it is" and "its nothing".hugs

  • hi ken (and all),so left home at 9.30 for 11.20 appointment (hospital 52 odd miles away),and plan to have lunch somewhere after,arrived at 10.50 only to be told that there had been a"cock up"with the appointments and they didnt attempt to call as i would have already left home.said to come back at 1.30.went to find my brother who was parking the car and could tell he was annoyed as had paid for parking(I had paid!)so they gave us an exemption notice for when we came back.so drove off to have an early lunch and came back all for a TEN MINUTE consultation.would have not only been furious if I had made the 3 hour bus journey- which would have meant leaving home for 7.30 bus-but would also not be able to get home either cos of lateness so would have had to ask for transport home.

    result of consultation and nerve tests was I have severe CTS and now put forward for operation.just have to wait now -results faxed thru to consultant and he would have them tomorrow.hopefully it will be done nearer home.

  • That is typical, I had an appointment rearranged in exactly the same way late last year! A ten minute appointment hardly seems very long especially when you are discussing surgery? You would think that they would schedule at least 20 mins to half an hour to go through everything with you? Are you having the operation at that hospital or on closer to home? I genuinely hope that your operation goes really well for you.

    Good luck and please keep us up to date with how it is all going?

    Ken x

  • hi Ken ,thank you.the appointment was just for nerve tests.i had already seen the consultant at a previous consultation and he had explained the procedure,

    just have to decide whether i want GA or sedation or to be awake throughout.i dont know where it will be as yet.i am hoping it will be done nearer home but that is still about 30 miles away.i am not concerned about the op .it will be the 6 weeks after -when i think you arent supposed to use that hand but impossible when live alone and have two dogs to walk.i might have got that wrong.have to rea dup on "post CTS op".will keep you updated

  • stomach not gone down over night,if anything complete opposite.cant bend to do anything-pain centre abdo.woke again at 8 am and got up to take dogs out.-in agony where Annie keeps pulling whenever she sees another dog or cat!forced myself to have something to eat when got home-2 weetabix.going back to bed -my dog is already there waiting for me-if my stomach and neck let me..

  • It could also be a food intolerance, if you always have the weetabix, could be causing the swelling? Just a thought, of course, it may be that you have tried keeping a check on what you eat before the swelling goes up, so it may be coincidence. Hugs, Julie xxx

  • Hi Julie I found myself to be wheat intolerant and swapped over to oatabix which are great and don't cause any of the problems I had previously. I have them with a mix of the Omega 3 seeds which I blend up so that they don't just go straight through me, and chopped toasted hazelnuts. A yummy and very healthy mix :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • HiFoggy.i might try them but without the nuts.don't like nuts but do like nut flavoured stuff.I always had shredded wheat for breakfast but stopped incaseit was wheat intolerance.

  • Hi Julie

    ive done all the tolerance testing(in 2013 sometime)-by hair strands,all ok.only just started on Weetabix as advised by the speech and language specialist as she said to avoid other cereals.the only thing I have regularly every day is milk -for breakfast./sometimes tea/supper.

  • something is going on.didnt goto bed til 2am then tossed and turned until 4am when got up after hearing my Annie come upstairs,cos couldnt sleep.

  • Sorry to hear that anbuma, I know what it's like to have a bad night, by coincidence I had a bad night too last night - had late tea again so stayed up to let it go down, then got really bad lower back, coccyx area, pain, so had to get up to walk it off, plus the indigestion and pain, plus Hubby couldn't sleep so we lay there in the early hours neither of us speaking, just lying there. Did the deep breathing from tai chi and that at least eased the panic. Just a thought that occurred when you said about how much milk you drink, I know you said you'd been tested for food intolerances, but my Daughter only has soya or alpro milk now, she feels much better after always feeling 'bunged up ', especially after dairy.

    Hope you've been able to rest today anbuma?

  • Hi Julie.I sat up til 7am and then had to decide whether to take my dogs out or go back to bed.bed won!slept for an hour.took them out for a not too long a walk but it took hour and a half cos Buster-poor old soul- is So slow.i can't lie in bed .is it possible to become intolerant to a food you've eaten all your life?

    Not done much.slept in pm as usual before taking dogs out again except fro 2nd day.Buster did not want to go. Gave Annie a longer walk and to make a change she is flat out!relaxing evening watching TV.

  • Hi again anbuma, Daughter cut all dairy and felt better almost immediately. I know it seems strange but when Daughter got a rash down her legs EXACTLY where the seams of her school trousers touched her skin, the gp said she'd become allergic to the polyester in the trousers she'd been wearing since year 4, and this was when she was in year 6! Plus, I've been using the same brand hair colouring for years now, but each time I use it I do the test to see if it's going to give me a reaction., you never know do you? . Gentle hugs, I'm gonna do a bit more of the washing up then I'm going to go see if the indigestion is going to kick off and stop me getting to sleep again, so will say goodnight and hope you sleep well, unless you're already asleep, in which case, speak to you again tomorrow! Julie xxx

  • |Hi Julie.

    I have had rash on lower legs fro many years-start of health problems-same time as diagnosed with raynauds.saw rheumatologist for arthritis and he arranged to meet with him and dermatologist and told a form of dermatitis,.now the rash is on my scalp/lower legs and I keep getting told it is self -inflicted which is not so.they appear as dark red raised patches and bleed on washing and drying.(cant take a shower so washing is done at the sink.)it is mainly where my socks cover my legs.and had now appeared on the back too.believe they are lupus symptoms-cos of nasal sores which keep reappearing(3 years now )after treatment.i do have dairy but it is very seldom apart from milk on breakfast.my gp advised me to avoid mash potato and I rarely eat eggs,i do have mash very occasionally -only if I do mince for dinner.

    stomach fine but discomfort/tightness in centre -sternum area(hiatus hernia?)and woke with the pelvic pain and tightness in neck.hospital today for nerve tests,having to rely on brother to take me as cos refused the Scottish hospital I have been attending for everything in last 10 years now told I can no longer go there just because it is in Scotland and I live in england,if I made the journey by bus it would be 3 hours one way and 2 changes plus a walk to the hospital.it is so ridiculous that they expect patients to make such a journey.when i went to scottish hospital-it is one bus direct from almost door to door and a 90 minute journey with a choice of 2 bus routes. and I didn't have to rely on other people and the hospital were flexible with appointment times.the buses to the English hospital are timed to connect btu with only a few minutes so if it happened that a bus was delayed fro any reason would be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

    go to go need to take dogs out if they'll go before I leave."speak" later and let you know how today went.

  • gp appointment tomorrow early-so no dog walk in the morning.aim to talk to him about most importantly about swelling,rashes and maybe other ongoing symptoms if need be.also to ask him why there is nothing in my notes re swellings etc and why it says "headache" in one record.i remember this and it was brow and nasal bone pain I was complaining of.who goes to gp for a "headache"?!!!unless persistent and chronic.

  • appointment went ok and said I ahd two things-ears and legs.looked at legs first -agreed swollen and skin rashes ,described as raised and I had two options could have a biopsy taken or see a dermatologist.opted to see dermatologist.said he didn't think it was lupus related,tho I disagree until otherwise confirmed.gave me water tablets for swelling and have to go back to see him in a month.think the practice manager must have spoken with him.when I see the dermatologist I shall also make a point of telling him of scalp sores and fingers.

  • definitely doesnt pay to go to bed early-woke at 4am,tried to get back to sleep but couldn't. tightness in neck ,coughing and my Annie on my bed scratching away.so about to have a coffee to warm me up .bless both of my dogs .yesterday all they both wanted was to cuddle up close to me, competition between them who gets to lie on the sofa with me and both snuggled up close when I went to bed in pm.im sure its out of concern.

    a week before I see gp again (DR D not my own-who refused to have anything to do with my stomach)and ask for a scan on my neck?-cos somethings going on with all the coughing and tightness etc .altho seen the therapist who discussed diet feel its more than that.and to discuss meds ,fybrogel just made me more bloated and the alternative he gave me (specifically for persistent constipation)made me completely the opposite unable to do anything/go anywhere cos of need to be close to a loo.stopped them cos of severe diarrheoa.which I think is happening cos meds for constipation when i don't have it, is making stools so loose.

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