posting this on here tho not a fibro problem??my stomach has swollen even more in the last month and my weight has gone up another half stone-all abdominal.just clicked yesterday it could be the fybrogel as been taking it for about a month-if not then I don't know what it is -no clue at all from gps who give me meds fro a condition I DON'T have and refer me to a dept which is not necessarily the correct one.

also feeling headachy since I had the choking fit but that could be related to brow bone growth.

back to bed now to recover from dog walk.

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  • Was the fybrogel because some of the pain killers have slowed the bowel down. I was given some with the if your taking these you will need some of these sort of idea.

  • hello IAN I was given it when diagnosed with diverticulitis.but also on codeine which have been told cause constipation tho not suffered this.

  • I have no experience of diverticulitis so cannot really help with more than I know

  • hi Ian I was also given Senna by my gp at the same time as prescribed codeine tho he didn't tell me he was.

  • Hello Ian,noted your comment about fybrogel.never told why other than for assumed IBS.no problems with bowels- never have had and if I did then I would buy OTC meds not waste my time and drs for something I don't have.have told all GPS I've seen plus gynae that my bowels are normal so its obvious they are not accepting what I am telling them.cos my gp assumed IBS then that's what others go on despite it not being true

  • Can be difficult changing the record once a GP has written something the simple way is follow the leader. Only used Fybrogel when experiencing problems stopped when my body became accustomed to the new meds and normalish service was resumed.

  • i havent been listened to for the last 3 years,if it known fact that a condition is mistaken for another surely gps must know this -from when they are studying.

    woken again by my Annie and with pelvic pain as soon as i get up.plus swollen there too.have two appointments booked with both gps to discuss things and pray they accept what i tell them.can see myself havign a day like yesterday-sleeping and crying all day cos i dont get support from anyone.

  • I don't know if you have really looked into the side effects but one of them can be a very bloated abdomen and of course these drugs as it is still one can effect us all differently. It also shouldn't be taken just before bed and you need to drink quite a bit of water during the day for it to work properly. I can remember when I went on that years back that I didn't read the water bit and I had so much gas which really swelled me up I looked at least 6 months pregnant. I have actually found Macrogel better to take as it seems gentler.

    Sorry I don't understand about the brow bone growth have I missed an earlier post on this?x

  • I take mine as instructed directly after my main meal(usually late afternoon/early evening)and with lemonade as was suggested on here by someone.drink water and juice throughout day -no tea and occasional coffee.seeing gp on 26th will add this tolist of things to speak to him about.

    have had brow bone and nasal bone growth for almost 3 years-no diagnosis from ENT btu symptoms of acromegaly

  • I think it was me who suggested the lemonade as Dad always had trouble swallowing it and we came up with that solution as the bubbles kept the granules suspended and he was able to swallow the fluid more easily and wasn't left with a great mound of it left in the bottom of the glass.

    Good luck on the 26th I hope you get a solution to the probem.x

  • Gp prescribed anothe med -Laxido ?which does dissolve in water and peppermint oil capsules.when I got home and read the info on the packets it said they were for constipation(laxido)and constipation,diarrheoa and stomach cramps.I have not had any of these symptoms or complained about them at anytime to GPS.so why do they persist in prescribing meds for something I dont have?and consider other reasons for swollen abdomen?

  • I am just as perplexed as you as one of the thing that Laxido can cause is distension. I can perhaps understand the peppermint oil as there are some train of thoughts that it can help with IBS and one of the symptoms of IBS is bloating or distension not that they ever helped me when I took it years back but everyone is an individual. Let us know how you get on on Monday.x

  • Hi rose wine.will do(its tomorrow).I have written down a list of my symptoms(and the list of symptoms from activebeat)to show him once he has acknowledged I have these symptoms.if he does and I intend to say go thru my notes in last 2-3 years there will be no mention of constipation.if there is then I haven't said it.

  • Hi anbuma3

    I am sorry to read that you are still having this issue, and I genuinely hope that your GP will refer you to the correct department to have this investigated further? All the best of luck with your next appointment.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Thanks ken.seeing consultant on Monday re hands .see what he says- whether it is just re CTS or more?then outcome depends on what I ask /tell my gp.

  • Hi-Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours) have you been checked for IBS? possibly coeliac disease. Fybrogel binds up your stools to try to get normal function. I wonder what you presented with at your g.p when he prescribed fybrogel? Fatigue also makes us put n weight keep walking your dog if you can! You sound like you need advise from a dietician on a balanced diet for you- look on a web sight called Wiltshire farm foods, study it and see if anything might suit you.. Ensure you use the free stool sample pack thats posted thru your door annually. don't leave anything to chance!

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