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now I am abdomen has swollen up by another 3" and feels like its bulging around my belly button.

I am positive my dogs sense something is wrong -by their behaviour and the way they sit and look at me and when I come home from shopping etc they are so pleased to see me come home running in from the lounge to greet me.

can I wait til Friday to see my gp?

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Hello Anbuma

I am so sorry to hear about this. This doesn't sound right to me personally, I would urge you to see your GP as soon as you can. If you can get an appointment tomorrow I personally would.

Swelling is not a Fibro symptom. I understand that some people do get swelling because of issues that may be related to Fibro though, such as severe Myofascial restrictions, hypermobility, poor circulation from lack of exercise, etc but these should be separately diagnosed.

Some rheumatological conditions that do cause swelling do not show up in blood tests in the early stages (which can last years), so careful monitoring may be needed, and sometimes they have to diagnose and treat, e.g. Lupus or UCTD, without a definitive blood test.

With the swelling in your tummy increasing, this really needs checking out as soon as you possibly can to assess what is causing this and of course to give you the right treatment and medication/s.

Please go as soon as you can and please also let us know how you get on.

Wishing you all the very best. Take care.

Best wishes and hugs. xx



my original dr (back in pre 1999)diagnosed sero negative arthritis -a form that doesn't show on blood tests. but this may have been the start of fibro,hav eto keep my apt tomorrow my dr was fully booked today.


thank you Libs.

I will call tomorrow and see if I can get to see him. unlikely as he is very popular with patients. hopefully now he will listen to me and not shrug it off as nothing because scans are clear. will let you know how I get on.its taken 8 months for me to get a referral to ENT for my sinusitis and its been 13 months since I first saw GP for abdominal swelling .i have lost count of times I have been to my gp and get nowhere.


Hi, bless you. Well that could be IBS, I have it and during periods of constipation i can look 6 months pregnant. My usual weight flutuates from 8 stone 4 to 9'4, i'm 5'4 tall so im an ok weight for my height. When i'm the opposite way i have been known to loose nearly 2 stone and be down to 7 stone 3 in 6 weeks. Not healthy at all. If you are in pain I would get in to your doc's sooner rather than later.

Oh and the dogs are proberbly picking up on your anxiety about it, I have a 3 year old boxer "winston" Hes the same he wont leave me alone when i'm poorly... And like my winnie they prob go mental when you get in from shopping because they want to sniff in the bags to find

Takecare hope you feel better soon (( big hugs)) xx shelly


Hi shelly

I don't think I have IBS I don't get constipated or diarrheoa.i am normal in that area. my GP and others refer to it as bloating .my weight has increased over the last few years and it is all abdominal as I have recently lost weight elsewhere and my abdomen got bigger.I also have painful hard pea sized lumps(since june last year)

my Annie(a staffie x GSD )is the most loving dog who cuddles up close when I am poorly or upset. they do stick their noses in my bags when I get back from shopping.


Hi Anbuma,

Yes it sounds like you need to be seen quicker, especially the lumps. You must be worried sick, insist on an appointment. Hope you feel better soon. My boxer is lush too, i got him when i was going through a bad bout of depression and i spent 24hrs aday for 9 months with him before i returned to work.

Dont know what i would do without him, we have a special bond. He motivated me to go out, he needed walking twice aday as a gowing crazy puppy. He got me through a really dark time. Hes a big sloppy 6 stone nut jack now. My hubby walks him now most of the time... i cant manage the long walks that he clearly needs, he would be bouncing of the walls lol. dogs are great for relieving stress.

takecare x



Thanks Shelley

I acquired my first dog from Battersea dogs home. he was picked up as a stray/I dont know how anyone could not have wanted him .when I lost my job cos of ill health i decided to get a dog. Max helped me thru each day and got me out meeting people.he is still sorely I have my other 2 rescue dogs.


See a diff doc go to a clinic if ness where they dont have fibro records but have it seen ti dont be fobbed off


Your dogs are probably more in tune with your body than your GP will probably ever be...... however we need the damned infernal GP's to get ANYTHING...... so I guess get there as soon as you can. Trust your dogs. I do hope you have gotten things sorted by the time you read this.

Healing hugz :) NN



I was not able to get an appt today so have to keep one I have tomorrow.


Have you tried cutting out dairy caffiene and diet drinks. That's what did it for me ???


had intolerance testing last year but it didnt really say I was allergic to any particular

foodstuffs,i have very little dairy apart from milk on my breakfast cereal and only have 1-2 cups of coffee a day usually to wake me up in the mornings and if I sleep in pm then I might have another.other than coffee I only drink water.


I've got Ibs myself and put the blame of everything wrong with my abdomen on it but it came out I had gastritis and gave positive to H.Pylori. The symptoms are similar to what you describe. This should be painful or get eventually painful at some stage - we have so many pains that we may not make it too important until it gets clearly too painful. I have to see my gastro on Monday after a couple of months of taking antibiotics, which almost kill me. I had the impression only yesterday my tummy had gone down a bit , because it always swollen but I think it's pretty uch the same this morning. I think I may have developed a tendency to acid stomach/gastritis. I read it's common too with fibro, recurrent gastritis.

I was quite scared about this H.Pylory thing as well, as it can lead to more serious problems untreated -such as gastritis I think - like ulcers or even cancer, but it really takes time -even longer than seing an NHS specialist, Lol!, to developed something like this. Don't worry, soon you'll know and put an end to it. It may be extra painful and exhausting to get rid of it but it will eventually go away. Of course, you may have to do MORE diet changes, but you'll learn to keep it under control.

Do not worry before hand, the reason why you feel so run down is definetely your fibro nothing more serious, I'm sure, but this fibro has so many endless symptoms.

Your little ones might be really worried and uptight because they know you are. Let's not precipitate, you are already doing what you can and what you must - looking into it.

Best of lucks and take care xxxx


so I saw my GP today and I said my tummy had grown by 2-3" and was harder around my belly button.he had a good feel of my tummy and I said where it was most painful and taht it was preventing me from sleeping btu still didnt say it was a cyst/tumour. however he did agree to refer me to hospital to have gallstones/ bladder removed.

I also had physio this morning on my back and laying on my stomach was so uncomfortable.

I felt better after leaving the surgery and later on in the day I still had pain in my upper abdomen-but this could be due to gallstones and I had a lot of pain in my groin area.

I still think it is a cyst/tumour. so I am hoping that when i have the op to remove gallbladderI they will tell me if it is a cyst/tumour and not just bloatedness.

am having blood tests next week and then get results from if still in pain will bring it up again.

I was out for over 4 hours today and one of my dogs bless her begged me not to go out she kept pawing at me.when I got home she was so pleased to seem me and was jumping all over me.


well after seeing dr on Friday yesterday I was in so much pain I just went to bed.i have been up all night coughing and sometimes not getting my breath.still have abdominal/groin pain this morning and also the pressure on my ribs and tummy.i can feel the pressure as soon as I am dressed.


my dr has never mentioned gastritis or anything imparticular to me.i haven't heard of H pylori?i get the opinion he doesn't like it when I suggest anything to him.maybe I should go back to A&E.


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