Facial Pain?

Hi, would like to ask if anyone also suffers from facial pain, this last week has been a mare. Feels like I have been kicked in the jaw? Can't 'close' upper and lower teeth, can't chew at all just now and face feels swollen (it looks normal tho). Pressure pain in both ears, and right side of nose and one eye feels like its being pulled out??? Thnx for reading x

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  • I get the jaw pain but not the rest...its like I have lock jaw,jaw is stuck in one position and feels like its come out of its hinge....and the pain is excrutiating.I think its called tmj.thankfully I dont get it very often.

    I would make an appointment with your gp though and get the other stuff checked too.

    hope its better soon

  • Hi, I have read that with this illness you can get jaw pain etc....have a look at myofascial pain on the net...that may help you and see if that is what you are suffering from?

    really sorry to hear that you are in a bad way. You take care and hope it gets better soon xx

    Ps...I get awful eye pain, like someone is punching my eye from behind so can fully sympathise with how awful you must feel...keep happy xx

  • I would see your GP and then see a dentist if your GP thinks it could be helpful (dentists are often the most experienced with TMJ). It could be something relatively simple like sinusitis, so worth getting checked out.

  • I suffer from awful jaw and my dentist says its TMJ and i've been referred to a specalist at my local hospital

  • Hi , I have Fibro & also Trigeminal Neuralgia which is very painful it causes severe pain thru the Trigeminal nerve across the face & under the jaw. It is criplling & I cant function when it hits me. Im on Gabapentin for it & it helps a little, I had all my back teeth removed in order to prove it wasnt dental pain , Im waiting to go back to my Neurologist to discuss an operation to ease it . I understand how much pain your in x

  • Thanx for all your advice and good wishes :) Back to the Doc it is then LOL, will also have a look at TMJ and the Myofacial thingy on web. Have written all down cause as soon as I close this I will have forgotten!!!

  • I get jaw pain like tightning and pulling thought it because of teeth grinding when asleep ! not nice i hve to sleep off if i can that is

  • I was told my jaw pain was due to grinding my teeth also i now have a moth guard to wear but its so uncomfortable i dont use it, i have told mt dentist but its a case of putting up with the moth guard

  • OMG...never heard of that TMJ before......interesting read. I think I have got it, would explain a lot of my head, eye, neck pain........I think the uncontrolable tongue movements for me though is too much talking!!!!!! lol

    Good luck in finding out what your pains are though Kairn xx

  • Hi, I find that eating crusty bread leads to jaw pain for days afterwards and not being able to open my mouth properly. The tightness and pain I get in my jaw is similar to the pain and limited movement I get in my ankles if I have walked too far. I have that problem with all muscles / tendons, sometimes it even hurts to move my eyeballs from side to side or my finger tips hurt when I type... have to smile though!! :-) x x

  • Unfortunately facial skeletal pain is one of the 'joys' of fibro!! Know it only too well.

  • I have dreadful facial pain which feels like really bad toothache - except that my teeth don't hurt! I am mainly affected on my right side. I too feel like my face is swollen but it isn't. My dentist has checked my teeth several times yet they're ok. It causes severe migraines, earache & nausea. I'm told that it is facial neuralgia & that nothing can be done to help except more painkillers - & I take more than enough already!!! The best pain relief I get is from Reiki self healing, it helps me to relax my jaw which is tensed against the pain plus my tongue keeps moving to my affected jaw which makes everything even worse. My only advice is to try relaxation or meditation.

  • Woke up today with a pain in head as usual but with a tooth ache i thought in my jaw and pain radiating around eye and nose omg it was agony untill i took pain killer and got up and moving it went how wierd ! was ready to pull a tooth , i did use interdental brushes think may exposed nerves? :-(

  • Hi Karin,

    I'm experiencing the same exact symptoms as you mentioned above. Ive had multiple MRI's done and have seen an ent and neurologist. The ent found out that I lost a substantial amount of hearing ( nerve related) after complaining of terrible ear pain. My neurologist believes it is trigeminal neuralgia. The nuero prescribed trileptal for facial pain and zoloft for anxiety since stress and anxiety can cause unexplained pain. I hope you find relief! Please keep me updated on your facial pain. It's difficult finding someone with the exact symptoms.

  • Hi Nicholl Has it woken you up? I often get face pain from grinding my teeth I dont actually grind any more but when I was in Neck brace after an accident I ground them. It has made my hearing different I now have Tinnitus whooshing away in the left ear.

    Could be worse :P

    take care


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