Joint pain actually aggravated by bath!!!

Hello lovely people!Just a query to see if anyone else has experienced this but EVERYTIME I have a bath my left knee becomes stiff and swollen and the pain is excruciating!

I have just been putting it down to the joy of Fibro but it doesn't affect any other joints! Hopefully going to see my gp today (fingers crossed,appointments are like gold dust!) and was planning to discuss it with him,just thought I would see if anyone else has had this problem! Thanks in advance!xxx

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  • hi Lady, I have had this happening, incidentally to my knee as well when I had an acute inflammation in my knee that was asking for the cold treatment. I put ice on it, and biofreeze and after a few weeks with 4x2 Paracetamol it subsided. Good luck with GP. Mine tends to have me out of the door before I even notice there was something (else) I wanted to ask her. :-(

  • Hi Barbsch54, thanks for response glad to know it's not just me!πŸ˜€ I am currently sat in my pjs waiting for 8.30am so I can attempt to get an appointment πŸ˜–! There are only two really understanding doctors there so they are very popular,unfortunately all the others are still of the opinion that fibro is psychological.I will give the ice pack a go thanks 😊 time for tea and a big bowl of meds.😞 love and gentle hugs xx

  • its probaly getting in and out of the bath. my right knee tends to go when i start walking down stairs. doctor told me its my fybro

  • Hi Maco100, the pain for me tends to kick in after about 20mins in the water,thought it might have been how I was positioned or maybe the bath mat hitting a nerve 😣 I used to love my baths now they make me apprehensive 😞 hoping it can be sorted,fed up!!! Love and gentle hugs xx

  • Hi LadyKatherine,

    It could very well be Fibro but it really wouldn't hurt to get it checked out... just in case. I'm still convinced that joint issues and arthiritic cases are sometimes missed because we have a tendency to put everything down to Fibro.

    One of my latest mantra's is; If in Doubt, Check it Out! Did so last year and have now discovered that I have major issues with my spine requiring open back surgery soooooo.......

    As you know, it's not unusual for people with Fibro to have other conditions as well so don't wait until it moves to your other knee as well or moves up to your hips or down to your ankles which would be even more debilitating.

    Wishing you all the very best.

  • Thankyou Reykua, I have an appointment at 2.45 with yet another doctor I have never seen before!😁 I will post how I get on. Good luck with your surgery,I hope it goes smoothly! Love and gentle hugs!xx

  • I think with these things it's sometimes better to see a different doc - don't mention the fibro, just get treatment for this problem. Although I suspect you'll be told to ice it and keep away from heat. My knees and ankles become inflamed regularly, and heat definitely makes them worse. I just rcently took the plunge and started to ice them and was delighted to find it helps with both the pain and the inflammation.

  • We'll I'm just back from the doctors and I can honestly say that trip was a waste of my time,energy,patience and petrol!! The chap I saw turned out be a nurse practitioner who couldn't do anything about my meds and when I asked him about my knee he said and I quote "I dunno maybe you should see a doctor."!!! I had asked when I made the appointment to see a GP and was assured I was!! Aaaaargh!! Turns out this bloke couldn't even prescribe paracetamol!!! I now have to go back on Thursday morning to see another new doctor(real one apparently)!! Not in the best of moods! 😑 pain levels are through the roof and a corker of a migraine on its way,time to retreat to my quiet dark duvet cave for a while!!Love and gentle hugs to all!xxx

  • A fully trained nurse practitioner should be able to prescribe meds mine does. x

  • Hi Ladykatherine

    I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing this problem, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to the issue. I can see that you have been given some wonderful advice so I won;t confuse it!

    Good luck


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