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Who gets dla

I have recently been diagnosed with fibro ,I have been off work since jan,but hoping to go back next month.I am learning to pace myself,but struggle daily,I know that I will be unable to continue with my job as before,but I am hoping to work reduced hours .I notice on this site that lots of people talk about Dla,is this something that everyone with fibro is entitled to?if so this would really help with my reduced wages

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If only it were that simple unfortunately as fibro affects everyone differently some members get dla at different rates and some don't get it at all ... I would say Definately apply for it and hopefully you will get it ... But it might be a bit of a battle in all honesty as lots of members have been refused and had to appeal the decision ... But if please try and apply.

good luck

VG x


They make an assessment based on points awarded according to how your illness impacts on your life, and how your condition prevents you from doing everyday tasks. It is not means tested, which means you can theoretically work and still claim.

The problem in a case like this, is that you cannot predict how you will feel from one day to another. Varying degrees of pain and fatigue, both of which can be affected by stress, and can sensitise so that any stress in the work place can in many cases (by no means all) cause your symptoms to increase. The irony in all this, is that many of us feel benefits mentally if we can work (+ financially of course), and then find work itself can set things off again! I think this is what is known as a 'lose/lose'! :)

It is very much worthwhile to apply, and perhaps it would help if you could use somewhere like Citizens Advice Bureau to help complete the forms. These forms are long and repetitive, and ask for similar info. over and over! I would also say, you need to complete these form according to your worse days, and keep it consistent.

It might be worth looking on a website (suggest google Benefits Agency) where you anonymously find out what you're entitled to according your own circumstances. I believe there is also a leaflet titled Disability Rights.

This may seem a bit daunting, still worth a go! I hope things work out for you. :)


Hi there,I just wanted to give you a bit of advice as to what helped me when applying.When you fill out the form you need to base it on your absolute worst day and state what difficulties you have and what help you either have or would need.The first time I applied I wrote essays of answers for each question which was an exhausting and painful experience and not needed.It would be far better for you if you can get someone else to write it for you from an organisation that have experience such as DIAL or CAB.I was told that it was likely that they would turn you down first time but you MUST appeal if that happens.I was awarded the low rate to begin with but as my symptoms got worse I was told to ask for a re-assessment and someone from CAB came to my home as I couldn't get out much and they filled the form out for me.I was then awarded the high rate for care and mobility.I think it did help that I was getting help from social services though with my day to day activities.Good luck x


Thanks very much for all the replies,everyone is so helpful on this site,feeling exhausted at the moment,but when it passes I will get form x



You can apply for DLA whether you are working or not by the way and it has different levels depending on how disabled you are and how your illness affects you. Look up the Direct Gov. website and it will give you more info. I get the highest rate of mobility but the lowest rate of care, others may get less help with mobility but have more care needs.

It all depends on your situation but it is worth trying for because you can still work and get it. Be warned though it is not easy and getting professional help to fill it in is always recommended.


Hi there, it depends entirely on how fibro affects you as an individual and whether you have any other conditions i.e. arthritis. I recieve DLA but got turned down flat in 2011. I finally got High rate mobility & middle rate care last year after my condition was considerably worse. I too work full time & I am fighting to stay there as I have no choice. All you can do is apply and wait for a response that will take 2-4 weeks. My G.P. was very supportive and was instrumental in me getting the benefit. Give it a try, I wish you success, don't be defeated if they turn you down at first:-) Hugs x


Hi Twix,

As a first step I would engage the local Social Care team to come out and assess your needs to see if they are able to help with things around the home - I think this helps to support the fact you have a need for help in the fist place, although this is completely separate from DLA.

I had a Social Care worker, who was a very nice chap, come round and see what help they could offer me. In the end they gave me the use of a perching stool to help in the kitchen when having to stand and prepare food or wash up; a bath board to sit on in the shower and an electric bed riser to help me get out of bed when I struggle to move (this also helps me stay a little raised up when sleeping to help with acid reflux). Obviously this is just based on my needs and there are many other ways and devices they can utilise to help people. This is all free...

It's surprising how much difference just small changes to the way you do things helps.

Good luck with everything and stay in touch with good support groups like this one - they are invaluable too :-)

Take care



You can only apply for DLA until next Monday. After that you will have to apply for PIP.

I was at DWP presentation on it and (fingers crossed) it appears to hVe better questions relating to fluctuatung condutions.

I would wait til next week then apply (check DWP website for phone number). Starrs with a phone call.

Get help from local CAB to help complete.

Remember to ask for reconsideration if no award.

Good luck.




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