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Rant alert

Rant alert but merry christmas to you all first. Been full of a cold all week and went to my parents for present swap this morning but as all family arrived the room got got and my fibro really flared up! Seriously hot and itchy achey skin. Sore back. Very tired. Had to grin and bear it for my 2 year old and them head home to cook turkey dinner which took 4 hours and I didn't even enjoy it as my tastebuds have gone due to cold. Not stopped shifting presents all day and feeling very sorry for myself. Gone to bed with hot water bottle In hope I'll wake up better. Anyone else had a major flare up today? Kinda puts a dampner on xmas....

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Hi Jonesy831

I am so sorry to read that you have not enjoyed Christmas day sue to feeling so poorly, and I genuinely hope that your Fibro flare calms down for you and that your cold shifts and you start to feel more like your usual self again soon.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Yep, flare up in full swing. It is 5.56 am and I have only dozed after a very busy but amazing Christmas day with my wonderful family. They all came to me, only 7 of us,including 2year old twin grand children who were very hyped up. Boy did we have fun and laughter so all worth it.

Totally exhausted and in pain, restless, sore skin, and the rest but I am one very happy granny.

I am going to spend the next few days recovering under my fab present (heated fleece throw) no doubt with my two cats curled up on top. I will be eating chocolate and watching rubbish tv!

I am so sorry you didn't enjoy your day - having a cold would only make all your symptoms worse. Get well soon - hope that you will be able to get some time to rest up and be waited on!

Best wishes x


Me too.. So sorry to hear you're not feeling so well.

Major flare up since yesterday.All left side this today.last week all right side tingling foot shoulders very painful and my back is just killing me in pain ... Manor stiff neck and top of head hurts like heck.

But I'll get some rest and feel good as new within a few days

Merry Christmas all

Happy Holiday.




Hope you feel better today.


Still in major flare up. Need a full body itch! Little on stayed out last night so I caught up on some well needed sleep! Thanks guys xx


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