Thank you

Hi all I have had a very bad week of it so sorry for not replying to some of the last comments that came in to my 2 post that I put on here a week or so ago. I do like to respond personnally to each and everyone of you that has taken the time not only to read my post but to leave a reply of support and/or advice etc. i am still suffering from the 'glass sticking in finger tips' feeling and many other symptoms so cant be on here long but jus wanted to thank you for your comments/advice and to also say sorry for not posting and support to you lot posting your own posts.

I hope to be back on again soon...please god.....but untill then 1000's of soft huggs and kisses going out to you all.

Take care

Hayley xxx

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  • Aww pebbles, don't worry, I'm sure everyone understands how difficult to keep up with things is when you are feeling so rough.

    I hope that you feel a bit better very soon.

    Foggy x

  • Hi Pebbles don't worry about it hunny rest easy and take care.

    Hope you're feeling better sooon xxxxxxx many many healing fluffies xxxxxxxxxx


  • Hugs. Hope you feel better soon.



  • Ditto the above. Rest up and I hope the pains calm down soon.

    Pip xx

  • Everything has been said so rest and a gentle hug from me xgins

  • Sorry your having such a bad time! As everyone else has said, get some rest and look after yourself, we will all be thinking of you and wishing you well. xxx

    Take care x (((((Hugs))))

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