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Merry Christmas

Oh boy what a bad few days .

All pain in the face down the arm muscle tightness even my shoulder blades hurt can't sleep and the back is just horrid. So much painthis is the worst ever since I've been diagnosed.

I really need to sleep and then have something to kill the pain.

The neck pain is so bad muscle relaxers and Advil are doing nothing this is really weird .even my lower back on the left side sciatica so they say is do bad I can seriously hardly walk or to mobe y neck its just god aweful.

The pain is left side in the nape of my neck going tight down my back and into my leg.

I'm thinking the worst but I truly believe its the fibro flare up. I've had similar symptoms before just not all together one time.

Any ideas for pain relief from the neck its just brutal.Dr tomorrow.

Hugs to you all ..xoxo sorry for the ranting. Merry Christmas to you all



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Just throwing you a virtual fluffie.

Keep warm.


Hi there Barb, i am sorry that you are in so much pain. Have you tried a muscle rub, The one called Phorepain works well for me.

Sending you lots of gentle hugs sue.


When my neck is really bad I put a warmed towel round it as hot as you can stand. It helps ease it, then very gently rock your head up and down, from side to side and then left to right. It does help eventually :)

I hope you manage some relief soon :)


Oh my goodness, poor you, I understand your pain so well, as I have very similar flares on occasions and oh boy it nearly drives one to distraction. I agree with Tiredalot in the use of heat, but you may want to use both hot and cold to see which eases it better for you. Sometimes I have found that my muscles are so inflamed that heat just makes it worse, so I use a cold spray or compress, but we are all individuals, so each experiences things somewhat differently.

I have always found massage helpful, but not when you are in the condition you are in, it would be just too much to cope with and any sensible practitioner would say that, but maybe if you feel things are heading downhill you could perhaps try that as a measure of prevention, though again, what works for one doesn't necessarily for another.

I'm glad you are seeing your doctor tomorrow and I really hope that he/she can give you some help on the medication front.

I'm sending lots and lots of positive healing vibes your way :-) and wishing you a Happy and more importantly a less painful, Christmas :-)

Foggy x


Hi sweetdreams1234

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering like this and I genuinely hope that your doctors appointment goes well for you, and hopefully you will have a merry Christmas.

Please take care of yourself

Ken x


Thank you all for your kind words and support.

You are all amaxing ifibro family to me

When you have no support team or family ..you guys are mine for sure I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you all the best of health in the Christmas season and a Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight



PS.Dr started me on flexeril today and my first dose is tonight ..wish me luck.xxxoooo


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