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And I'm feelin' good (this needs to be sung)

Well a very good morning to you all. I very rarely post but I have had an extraordinary week.

After feeling terrible last week with additional pain, aches and an overwhelming desire to remain in bed, I pushed my luck at the weekend and drove my mother to see family 150 miles away. We did there and back in a day and yes, when I got home I was shattered. Something weird has happened since. Yes I'm still hurting, yes I'm still tired, but the mornings are going swimmingly well !

I realise that the chances of this lasting are slim, but for the moment I'm getting things sorted in the morning and then resting on the sofa later in the day. I know some of you refer to 'flares', times when your symptoms are exacerbated, I seem to be / feel, rubbish most of the time. So this ''good morning'' feeling is a surprising and much appreciated bonus.

If I'd known a long drive, which completely drained me, would have this effect, then I would have taken my mum on a road trip ages ago :)

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Morning craftieness,

Its nice to hear that you are feeling so well in the mornings, enjoy it. maybe the change of scenery and seeing your family has given you a boost. Whatever the reason make the most of it. Its lovely to hear of someone getting a bit of relief . Take cake. X


Walking on sunshine and dont it feel good as a song choice :-)


I'm so pleased for you, even a potentially short break is worth every moment of it. I had a similar experience after a holiday back in September and it felt like it could go on for ever, of course it didn't, but the thing to do is to make the most of it whilst it lasts :-)

I'm in total agreement with Ian's very clever response :d :d

Sending positive vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


I think your song choice is a great one Ian, although i was thinking along the lines of Michael Buble,

Birds flying high

You know how I feel

Sun in the sky

You know how I feel

Breeze driftin' on by

You know how I feel

It's a new dawn

It's a new day

It's a new life

For me

And I'm feeling good

I'm feeling good

Hugs to you all x


What is not too like in that choice :-)


Wonderful to hear you are feeling so good in the mornings it makes the rest of the day easier doesn't it. Probably the change of scenery and linking up wiht family has given you a lovely boost hope it keeps on.x


Hi craftieness

I am so delighted to read that you are feeling so well at this time, and I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it stays that way for you!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi, It's really great when this happens,you even feel like doing cartwheels I know! when you have had days of feeling absolutely awful and then have a day when all of a sudden all is so good it's marvellous! Hope you have many more days like this


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