It is now illegal for a shopkeeper to tell you the price of cigarettes!

I jest not. A friend asked the price of a pack of cigarettes in a supermarket the other day and the girl behind the counter said " I'm sorry I am not allowed to tell you the price of cigarettes" and handed her a card with the prices on it!

I have always detested the habit of smoking but I will defend anyones right to choose!

What next,,where will the madness end?

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  • I think the world is going mad. I would have thought boldly displaying the prices would be enough to put anyone off smoking. When my brother in law told me how much a packet of the cigarettes he was smoking were I thought I could go and get a pub lunch and a drink for that!

  • Sorry RW but the price of food and drink has escalated too :( need a mortgage these days :o

    But I understand your thinking :) xx

  • Interesting how Mr Kangeron & Co removed the cost of food from the figures that go to access inflation,,,, perhaps we do not need to eat!

  • It's a choice that is frequent in my house......... heat or eat? doesn't help us whichever we choose because we need the heat to cook the food :o

  • Much better with raw food Sian,,, your only degrading the nutrition with all that expensive cooking.

    You just need a pair of electric gloves and one of those uniboots to keep the hands and feet from freezing.

    But probably better not using them as you may be seen as a threat to the planet with the CO2 created to warm your selfish digits.

  • LOL

    Who needs food? or heat?

    May as well go and live in a cave like my ancestors! build a fire and start from scratch :P

  • You can share my cave,, it's hard to find dry caves today with reasonable rent !

  • or council tax! heheheh

  • We didn't contract for that in NI,,,, mind you in England, Scotland and Wales the people only contracted tacitly and then complied.

  • Hi RayB

    Yes, I witnessed this myself in a Supermarket. The lady in question handed a piece of paper (a price list) to the customer. I thought it was somewhat dotty! As rosewine says, the price alone is enough to put anyone off from smoking?

    Take care


  • tobaccoretailersalliance.or...

    Should give the answer but I have not found it yet?

  • I no longer work on the tills as complications of FM,lupus etc make it diificult but I know we have to refill cigs when there arnt any customers around to see display shelves. and delivery of new stock now arrive in a sealed black bag. we also cant open cig doors if a child is at the counter with his/her parent x

  • My son was asked for Id when I went to purchase some beer for grandad. My son is 21 and had to give them his driving license or I couldn't purchase it incase the alcohol was for him and he was under age.

  • I was buying a bottle of Cognac in USA.

    I was in my 40's and the child behind the counter asked me for ID,,,,,

    Welcome to the incoming brain dead universe where the statutes and acts designed to protect only persecute.

  • I applied for a job at a gas station and they say, if they look under 35, card them. No joke

  • On radio yesterday someone had been tied with cable ties and raped.

    Mark my words it will be illegal to possess Cable Ties soon,,, what then rope,,,,,,shoelaces ?

  • That came into force when they went behind closed doors the world has gone mad I agree

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