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what sympton is the worst for you ??

hi there iwas just wondering what sypmton is the worst for everyone ?

i know there are so many ,is there one that really gets you down ?

i have a top 3

the pain in my legs is all the time never going just gets worse

suddenly getting a new pain ,for it to disapear and reapeer at will

and the fibro fog really gets on my nerves ,makes me really down

would be interesting to know what other people think and if you have a top 3

anyway have a good day and gentlehugs to all xxx

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Hi Lynz,

I'm not as bad as everyone else on here but I hate the pain across my shoulders, it really hurts and also my lower back and hip pain.

I sometimes get pain in my calves or shins and was talking about that yesterday and today I've got the one in my calves. Maybe cos I thought about it lol. I've also got a shooting pain down the inside of my foot today.

Gentle hugs back hun.



Hi lynz,

I'd say my worse 3 symptoms are.......

The hot burning pain in the top of my thigh is the worst pain I have to deal with which wakes me up in agony through the night and makes me more tired, sometimes it feels like my leg bone comes out of my hip socket and its cracks back into place when I move.

My 2nd worst symptom would be the new pain I've recently started to get which is electric type shocks down my right forearm and neck, It's driving me insane!

My 3rd worst symptom would be the extreme fatigue, I just can't function on bad days at all, I feel lost in a cloud of cotton wool, everythings fuzzy and surreal around me.

Going back to the docs on Tuesday, I'm going to ask to be refered to a pain management clinic Again! hopefully he will but I'm not holding my breath lol according to him there isn't any lol

Have a good day

Irene x


Hi lynz,

my top 3 are;

My ribs are the worst, i never get any ease from them and nothing helps. :(

my second is my fatigue, that is a killer and it doesnt matter how much i rest it doesnt help.

And my third is my legs, they are agony and so stiff and it feels like i have lead boots on.

I think that is it as maybe next month it could change lol.

kel xxx


Hi well yes i am the same as you really the general pain all over and my legs feeling like jelly and that i am going to collapse the lack of sleep and not being able to sleep at all withthe pain and also my wrists and arms and the weirdest things that happen to you like fibro fog that is awful

and also the toilet thing i seem to always want a wee and now i have developed ibs too so i go from not going for days to not moving far from where there is a toilet, which is awful and tends to rule your life.

but the very worst sympton is not being able to look after my grandsons they are beautiful boys age 2 an 4 and i used to go pick one up for 2 days take him back and then have the other one but i cant now they are too much for me on my own and i miss that

i tell myself one day but deep down i dont think so and now i am crying (great) it not you it me just being stupid oh dear best i get off here and have a rest i think i am at my wits end love to you diddle x


Thankyou you really are a very special wise person and i value your words alot thanks love to you diddle xxx


here here tio that the one time you are supposed to be relaxed you are all fidgety and in pain !!!! arghhh love to you diddle x


Afternoon all,

Like many mine differs from day to day and to varing degrees But my top three (ok, more than three, but all linked, lol) ;

Fatigue and non restorative sleep - Just feel exhausted all the time, this in turn lowers my mood and it is how it can just come on BANG and how debilitating it is. Also even if i manage to sleep I wake no better off.

Rest Legs & now arms too - Like Chris, as soon i get into bed of a night it all kick off restless legs and lately arms and pain, another restless night.

Debilitating Headaches, pain in neck and face - OK a multitude of symptoms, but feel they are all connect. The most intense headaches with nausea and face ache and pain in my neck.

Hope you all have a pain free as possible day. Enjoy the sunshine, Lou x


yep chris i agree. i think a good restorative sleep could do wonders; if u ever find the solution do share lol x


Hi lynz mine is tired legs pain & neck also pain across shoulders arms & wrist

Take care

Brother Fibromite in Pain



Chest pain ( in the breast bone and ribs ) is something that really scares me . Pain in my fingers and wrists is also hard because it makes doing anything , even normal every-day things uncomfortable . And the 3 rd worst is the pain in my knees because it makes me hobble round like an old lady !


Hi , I get a lot of pain in my chest and ribs , I get stressed about it as I worry that it is breast cancer returning .it's good to be on this site and know people have the same symptons.

Have been checked out recently with the Doctor about breast cancer


thank you everone we are a poor old lot arnt we :(

it is interesting to see what bothers other people thank you :)

gentle hugs to all xxxx


If I was a horse they'd shoot me Lynz lol.

Hugs back at you .



i always say that too lol :)


aw dont say that bless your heart x hope it gets better soon lol dont know why i put that it prob never will will it . it may ease a bit but not get better love to youy diddle xxx


your not alone i too say that lol


for me its the pain in lower half limiting walking with out pain.

shoulder neck pain none ever goes away.

pain in hands and feet.

mandy genle hugs and lots of wishes for a good day


the worst pain in general for me is the pain in my legs when I try to walk distances even only small distances, frustrates me as used to do hill walking, etc.. now lucky if can get to end of street without legs cramping up. 2nd comes the all over body feeling that i have been bruised as used to enjoy massages, now too painful to let anyone touch my skin, even sore when little one sits on my knee, then comes the 3rd the constant feeling of being tired all the time despite going to bed at reasonable times, but unable to sleep as pain seems to intensify when I lay down xx


Hi all my 3 worst symptoms are

1) pain across my shoulder and in the back of my neck.

2) Pain in my feet and big toes

3) Extreme tiredness and no motive to get up and do anything :(

This illness stinks if only more doctors recognised it and were more sympathetic to us.


The biggest pain for me is TRYING TO GET OUR BENEFITS SORTED,lol.Apart from that,I think I suffer most with fatigue and non-restorative sleep. I dont sleep well and wake as if I've not slept at all and go around in a daze.But that daze is accompanied by fatigue.I cant concentrate or make decisions.Oh yeh, and good ol' BRAIN FOG.That is SSSSOOOOOOO bad.I have to make fun of it or I'd go bonkers.Especially when my words get stuck somewhere between brain and thing words come out, thats it, MOUTH!! Hope you all have a reasonably good day.x


i think the worst symptoms of this FMS is the pains in my legs and the muscle spasms. speech problems excessive tiredness, brain fog, ok the lot! lol i can even feel something happening now as i am finding it hard to concentrate. so think i will have a little lye down. xx


thank you for all for replying :)

i was going to say somthing really profound that i found in a fibro book but my mind is mush yet again lol so i give up :)


Hi, firstly I would say the never ending fatquie and the mental frustration and stress that goes with this.

Feeling badly bruised everywhere so you can't enjoy a gentle cuddle .

Intense pain on the soles of my feet , it feels jumped off a high wall :(


1) Chronic fatigue

2) Lower back and neck pain

3) Zero libido


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