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Hi this is the 1st time I have posted on here and it's taken a few guts to be honest? I applied for PIP at the end of July and I am having my assessment next Weds but they are coming to MY HOUSE and I really didn't expect that. Can anyone tell me what they will ask me? I havent been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I have a lot of the symptoms of the illness. I suffer more with chronic pain in my lower back and my legs and feet and have been for the last 31/2 years. I am now on morphine patches and sertraline but I suffer from bad side effects from these after trying nearly everything else including gabapentin, amitriptylene, co.codamol, diclofenac, tramadol, and various antidepressants but I suffer from bad side effects with anything I take, I am not the same person I was 31/2 years ago I am now tired all the time, depressed, anti social, not eating virtually at starvation level, losing weight and in despair with myself, i feel as if I am in a fog sometimes and just need to sleep. I no longer remember what it feels like to be ' normal and feel well'. I have continued to work full time through all of this and i am now so worried about this meeting next week. can anyone give me advice, please please please?????

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I can be of no help with this but I feel sure someone will come along eventually. Lou xx


Hi DianeT

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted for you below a link to the ATOS Healthcare cache on PIP Assessments, so I hope that you find that useful. It tells you what to expect:

ATOS Healthcare - PIP Assessments:

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your assessment.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Diane

I have just this minute joined the forum, as I am looking for help as I have been diagnosed today with Fibromyalgia. I don't know about the PiP process, but think you are amazing for being able to carry on working thoughout all you have been going through. I started suffering about 8 months ago and after 2 months had to go on the sick from work, and they released me as I was still in a probation period. I am currently waiting to hear from ESA which group I will go into, I don't know if that may lead to some sort of PiP. At the moment I'm less concerned with money and more with how I will cope, but I'm starting to think I'm a lucky one as many suffers seem to not have a diagnosis. I hope all goes well for you with your assessment, just remember to tell them all about how bad things can be on the worse days.



Hi Deetee thank you for your lovely reply. I think that is why they are coming to my house because I took my time filling the form out, days actually, and put everything down that I feel on my worst days. Luckily I made notes so I can actually remember what I wrote down. I only applied to see if I could get the mobility part of it cos I have had to buy a car, an ordeal I found traumatic in itself, so that I can get to work as I can no longer walk because of the pain. I also seem to be either at the doctors or the hospital and I could no longer rely on my family to take me, another stresser in my life is relying on people especially my family. As I said the chronic pain has changed me 100% before I was a lively, bubbly, active, independent person, now I don't shop on my own, don't want to do anything, struggle to make a decision on my own, would happily hide myself away forever, constantly tired and miserable and don't want to involve myself in anything and that is not me. My family worry about me so I can't really speak to them about how I'm feeling because it upsets them when I do so I keep it all bottled up which doesn't help me. This forum gives you the chance and I'm so glad I found it and have finally plucked up the courage to join in and post some comments :-) xx


Hi I had my assessment at home 2 weeks ago and I received pip today I was worried too but it was fine a very nice man did mine they just want to check that the form you filled in is correct he wrote on mine that I answered the door in short steps tell them about your worst days also I had my daughter with me for a bit of support good luck ev

Everything will be fine x


Aww thank you Joshua that has really helped and cheered me up. It was such a shock when I read the letter saying they were coming to my home. I know that once I start talking I won't be able to stop and I am going to get upset so I hope the person that comes is friendly. It is very upsetting for me when I think about what I have and still am going through so I hope they understand. Thank you :-) x


Wowzer!! How lucky are you!! Not the pain and deterioration bit!! But the bit where you only applied in July and have a home visit already!! I applied in Nov last year and still waiting!! Try to have someone with you to take notes or answer for you if you become upset! Always answer questions as if its your worst day and only do any movement they ask you to do if it doesn't cause pain or discomfort!! I truly hope you're successful and can then sort out a new car with the backdated money they will owe you!!.... Much


I think you should tell them exactly what you have told us. When i was interviewd for pip they said they wanted to know exactly how my ilness affected me, what limitations i experience and how i cope. They will ask a series of questions regarding your day to day life, anwer in as much detail as possible, tell them how diffivult it is for you to stand, if you have problems preparing food, if you need to rely on microwave ready meals, can you cut up meet etc when asked about meals, foe instance. The answer is in the details. Good luck


Hi Shazzy, thank you so much, i think that is what will happen, once i start i wont be able to stop. The way i feel at the moment is i am at tipping point and i need to off load as much as i can.

take care xx


One more thing, i would definately have someone in the house with you, as i have found that seems to have a positive effect, it also means you have a witness. They can answer the door for you, remind you of anything you might forget and find anything for you if needed. My assessment was much better than i expexted going on past experience, the assessor was fair and understood the illness well. But, it did take about 2 hours, was exhausting and i had to get up and move around as it was too stiff and painful to sit that long, my difficulties from getting g out of chair to walking was obvious. All the best,


I didn't think of that Shazzy, I will get my hubbie to be with me, he can make the cups of tea :-) thank you x


Hi Ninja

thanks for your reply, i was shocked as well and even more shocked i was getting a home visit, not sure if its good or bad to tell you the truth? Are they doing it to save me the journey or are they doing it to catch me out, my fragile mind is working overtime :-( .

I have already had to get a car because i could no longer walk to work and i have that many hospital appointments i felt bad asking my family to take me all the time, another thing for my fragile mind to worry about.

My 'kids' are 24 and 21 and i have gotten to rely on them so much it hurts, again all because of my health. I don't want or cant really have anyone with me because i wont be able to unload all that i am feeling and the daily problems i face, but don't admit too, because it will upset them once they realise the full extent of my turmoil, if you understand what i mean.

I hide away a lot of my pain and anguish from my family as well as friends because it just upsets them and they cant really do anything to help the pain can they. They already do enough for me as it is.

If my friend from next door sits with me she will just be mortified if i just unload everything, she wants me to give up work or change my job anyway and this will just give her more ammunition to 'bully' me and she would probably feel the need to tell my husband as well.

I cant give up work, its all i have left of myself (pre-pain) really and if i do then my pain will have beaten me, wont it?

This is what i keep saying to myself. I constantly say in my head 'Di its just a bad back, get a grip girl' but it doesn't help :-(

I'm sorry I am having a right old moan here aren't i, the thought of this meeting is freaking me out.

I am between a rock and a hard place really because i cant speak to my family about it because i don't want to worry them, thank god for this group of all you lovely people.



If you are using morphine patches, has your GP given you an anti-sickness drug to counter those effects, if that is what you are suffering?


hi blondwitch, thanks for your reply to be honest i haven't really felt nauseous. I have suffered in other ways like, severe constipation, total lack of appetite, loss of weight, indigestion, terrible itching, really bad night sweats, lightheaded, and sore rash and slight skin burns where previous patch has been. I know i need to come off them so that i can eat again but my GP hasn't really come up with anything else that haven't already tried. My Neurologist is organising another Facet Joint Injection so that i can maybe reduce the strength of the patches because at the moment i am on the strongest ones.


Dear Diane T. I to am new to this site and trying to get as much information on Fibromyalgia as i can to help me understand what is going on in my body!! I started with intnese pain in july like nothing i had ever had befor, worse than child birth witch i never thought could be possible!Saw my rhumatoligist monday as she said its Fibo, just about to try Gabapentin along side amatriptaline and pain relief.

I turned 30 this september, before this i was full of energy, a get up and go person loved keeping fit and more. Now im always in pain stiff weak the list goes on!

Please dont worry about your pip meeting. I applied before i got fibo due to having problems with my knees both have been operated on to removed damaged cartalige.

I to had a home visit the man who came was very understanding i felt under NO presure and just answered his questions. Dont worry if you get emotional I DID :( and he was very understanding. To be in constant pain and fatigue is awful and i wouldnt wish it on anyone.

Do hope it goes well for you

Best wishes Lu :) xx


Hi Lucy, thank you for your reply, I am a bit calmer now I looked at a website that asked you questions about the things that gives you points that someone told me about and I scored way over the. Minimum score so that settled me a bit. I am sure I will be ok I have not done anything like this before so it's a bit unnerving to say the least

I will post and let everyone know how I get on :-) x


I was the same but I had to go to them and it was fine ,just be yourself and just tell them exactly what you are feeling .I did breakdown but then that's the way we feel most of the time.All they do is ask you where and how it affects you and how and what it limits you to do everyday things .Dont pannick they are just the same as you and me Human


Hi Arthur, thanks for your reply had my meeting and it went really well :-) the lady that came to see me was lovely and gave me loads of time and listened to what i had to say and took her time when i got upset and started to hyperventilate. My husband stayed with me and the meeting took about 2 hours. Fingers crossed now then :-)


A www well done , just St try and forget now and hopefully you will get a nice surprise like a back dated payment.I was the same and I got really worked up. We should all be entitled to pip its a horrible illness and unless they have it they don't understand,even my own family are the will be ok fingers crossed


Sorry not been able to find everyone lol,it could be the fog brain. If you haven't had your pip assessment yet try not to worry , easier said than done I was like a bag of nerves but you just need to be yourself and just tell and show them how this is affecting your life and you may get upset as I did because you feel as if someone is maybe listening to you for a min and feeling very low. They are only Human and remember it's you who is suffering and let them know what it's like to be you everyday . All my love and Big Hug xx


I have pip assement tomorrow very frightened I have fibro and arthritus also depression I'm finding it hard to cope on a daily basis do I have to tell them how I am on my worst days


Hi, I have been unable to work because of illness since 1985. Some time later I qualified for DLA including the high rate of mobility indefinitely. I have had many cars through the Motability scheme, and have one at present. About 6 weeks ago I was told by letter I needed to now apply for P.I.P. 3 weeks ago I had an office assessment with Asos. I receive a letter two days ago telling me that I had the standard rate for care and standard for mobility and that my Motability car had to be returned. I think this is very unfair as I had been promised by the government I had DLA indefinitely. If I were not so ill I would probably take my case to my MP and would also like to investigate whether this government is in breach of EU rules and also humans rights. I do belief that more people will be put in the same situation as I have been put in with no car.


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