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Had my pip assessment this morning, lady came to my house , she was only here 1 hour, didn't ask me if I had a walking stick , glasses, magnifying glass or if I cud follow directions or if I can walk far, I didn't have to sign anything , how can they point score me if they didn't ask me all these questions, she was from capita and wud go back with my information, please help I am now panicking thinking I am going to miss points because she didn't ask the questions thank you

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  • Try not to panic to much. All the questions you've mentioned were answered in the hoe my disability effects me booklet so she wouldn't have to ask them again as they already know.

    Hope this helps x

  • Thank you , yes this helps a lot, wasn't sure if they assessed me on her report only or Wat I wrote in my 40 page pip form I sent off first, thank you for your reply 😆

  • Should be a combination of the information and evidence you gave on your form and her observations on her home visit. Fingers crossed for you.x

  • I wasn't at home, she came to my neighbours, I had stayed there overnight as I had been ill the night before and they were looking after me , I wud have thought she wud have wanted to go to mine instead, she really didn't seem interested , just kept looking at her laptop and typing,

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are so worried and I think that your other respondents have got it right as it should all be in your forms. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with the outcome.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Ah thank you so much ken, you hear of all kinds of bad things going on with the pip assessments, ime really trying to be positive 😆

  • Hello,

    I would make a note about what she did and did not do. For example, did not ask to see my home as I was in my neighbour's house due to being unwell.

    Better to have it and not need it.....

    Best wishes.


  • Yes dave that's a very gud idea , I will write it down now before I forget, it just seemed a waste of time,;she put more effort into telling me about 6 children she'd had screaming around her in the morning

  • Hi Jane Hope all goes ok for you.

    It makes me so angry when I hear a story like your. Why oh why can't these people be normal & be trained properly to make you feel at ease & understand that stress makes fibromyalgia so much worse and the whole thing is stressful.

    They carry on like they have your life in their hands and you should be bowing down to them, this person whom you have never met and you are inviting into your home.

    Its like they have all this control & we all know what happens when you give someone control, the only thing missing is a flipping uniform. At the end of the day they are just normal poeple like you or I that have been employed to come to your house and fill a form in with you. No body special really !

    As Dave suggested Make some notes of the meeting because if by any chance they do decide to decrease your money for any reason you will have a very good case to appeal.

    I'm sure it will be okay though and worrying will make you feel unwel so i know its easy to say but try not to worry ☺

    I've still got it all to come 😩

    Luv Jan x

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