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How do you deal with not working?

I know alot of Fibromyzombies sufferers aren't able to work, can I ask how you deal with the cost of everyday living? Are you on health benefits or do you have a partner supporting you? I'm getting to a stage where I need to think about the future and see if stopping work is an option but I can't see how I would support myself. Any thoughts would be awesome!

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Hello jigwam, The answer to your question for me, is very difficult. I am on benefits and have to cut my cloth according to my means. I don't take the car out very often, sometimes I catch a lift with friends in the village, I am in remote Devon and nearest town is more than 5 miles away, though we have a community run shop. I'm not really sure what advice to give you as I live alone, and you don't say whether you have an OH. The benefit system is bound up in beurocracy and bedlam at the moment but if your health is reaching the point where you can't foresee being able to continue working, then a trip to the job centre or to the CAB might be useful. There are also charities which support people, but I don't have that info to hand at the moment, but if you would like to pm me, I can look for the papers I have about it out and let you know.

Sorry not to be of more assistance.

Foggy x


Good afternoon,Iam no longer working due to fibro symptoms and I was working as a nurse and at that time was the sole bread winner.I had to stop as I was so ill,I was married at that time 8 years ago and my husband was an alcoholic and couldn't work cos of his problems.It was so hard living on benefits but I found out as much as I could about all the benefits I was entitled to.Iam now divorced with two young kids and I survive on incapacity and income support.I also get DLA which has helped me massively.I would advise you to get to your nearest CAB office as they are experienced in advising you of all the benefits you are entitled to and can help you with filling out forms as well.Also,DIAL are extremely helpful with applying for benefits and help with filling out the forms as well.Iam not sure though if they are available in all areas though as I live in the southeast area.Best to google them I think.It is possible to live on benefits,although personally I hate it but my health had to come first.Good luck with making your decision,are you on your own?xxx



I can no longer work so finances are very stretched at the moment. I do get the lowest rate of DLA which I am convinced will be stopped when we change over to PIP. I think we manage mainly by cutting everything done as much as we can. I'm sorry I can't help further with information but if you google 'what benefits am I entitled to' you might see what is available and if you fit the criteria.




I work from home. I set up my own business as a Virtual Administrator and have done very well. Being able to work make me feel so much better. I was on ESA for 7 months and I became so depressed, at the benefits process and how it made me feel. I would recommend anyone who can use a telephone or a PC to consider this option. There are so many things that you can do. At times I am so busy, and because everything takes me so much longer than they used too, I outsource some of the work to other disabled people who want to work from home.


Thank you folks, this is all really helpful!

shazzap12, working from home is something I'm considering but I'm not sure where to start!



I was a nurse, but due to having to bring up two children alone after my husband committed suicide I switched course. I trained as a masseuse and complementary therapist with a side line inn Image Consultancy, but had to give up due to to the Fibro. Nowadays I live on my pension and a small amount og DLA. It's hard, because My son, who cares for me, has no income of his own. I cannot drive any more and my son cannot afford to learn. He has a leaning difficulty and cannot find employment Making ends meet is next to impossible.


I am unable to work, but I live alone, so I'm not too bad. I get DLA, high mobility and middle care, and I receive ESA. XX


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