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hi guys .haven't responded to anyones posts.all I want to do is sleep (since been on amitriptyline??}get woken at 5-6 by dogs.take them out and so tired and hurting -go back to bed.need my afternoon sleep and cant stay awake in evening.still have disturbed nights which are nothing to do with sleeping during the s cos I have so much pain -lately it is in the bone(growth) beneath my small toe on my left foot and due to coughing (still)when I lie on my left side.

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  • Morning Anbuma sorry you are having a rough time at the moment. I have tremendous empathy for how you are suffering at this time, it is so similar to many of us who have fibro I wish there was something constructive I could say to you. All you can do is what you are doing when the body says stop then rest. You will have good days very soon.


  • thank you Ginsing.I find it so frustrating that I cannot do anything-tending to my garden and cross stitching (crafts)reading and even tho it leaves me exhausted etc walking my dogs.i have booked another appointment with my gp which they changed to a week later cos he had a meeting to attend.I need to discuss my symptoms with him-why I have swelling everywhere and bone growth.he has arranged for me to see hand- orthopaedics(sorry about spelling?)so I am hoping they will give me the diagnosis I need(not just CTS) when I do have something more than fibro.

  • Hi anbuma, I am so sorry that you are hurting so much and having such a hard time. Hopefully you can get the right referrals and the answers you need. And something to ease your pain and help your sleep. I know a little about that not sleeping business. I've been up since 3am. :) Generalized achiness that crawls all around, plus my abdomen is hurting some. Wish I could say it's from too much Halloween candy, but it just ain't so.

    Take care. Take care of you! Sending you good vibrations, Clare

  • Sorry to hear you've not been too well Anbuma and I send you positive healing fluffie hugs to help ease the pain.

    It may take a while for the meds to balance and settle into your system so I hope it happens soon for you and that you can get some sleep.

    I hope the right referrals will come soon for you so things can start to improve for you.

    Rest easy try not to do too much and maybe relaxation could help if you can manage it :)

    {{{{{{{ Anbuma }}}}}}}} healing fluffies and smiles xxx sian :)

  • Hi anbuma, i had same peoblem with amitriptyline til somebody suggested taking it at 6 in evening, now i sleep at night and only sleep during day when pain and exhaustion take over. All thw best

  • Thanks guys for help and advice and hugs .shazzy will try taking amitriptyline earlier and see if it helps.

  • Hi Anbuma, sorry you're not too good at the moment, I can't comment on amitriptyline because I can't take it, as for the bony growths I have them but it's because of osteo arthritis and yes, they hurt like hell at times. Hope you are soon feeling better, hugs Linda. x

  • Wthanks Linda.there are other conditions that cause bony growths ie acromegaly and lupus.anbuma

  • its 9pm watching X factor.annie is sprawled out on my sofa so only option to go to bed to lie down(sleep).cysts on knees achy plus hip pain.

  • Hi

    I used to take 250mg of amytryptiline a few years ago and once they kicked in I would just fall asleep sitting up sometimes I would fall asleep with a drink in my hands and throw it at myself in the middle of the night and wake myself up I managed to lower the dose later to 50mg which I was on for years but since having a big flare up and being in agony with osteoarthritis in my knees hips and hands I have gradually increased them to 200mg but my body is so use to these tablets they do nothing for the pain but they are helping me to get some sleep whilst going through a horrible time in my life. I had hand surgery two weeks ago as I had osteoarthritis in the base of my thumb and in my fingers the surgery I had was to remove the bone and extra bone from the base of my thumb as I was struggling do much with turning taps on or opening jars, carrying things I had had the right one done 4 years ago and whilst it helped for a year it still gives me some problems but not quite as bad as it was but I still have to have steroid injections but they have now caused the skin on my hands to. Be so thi like paper and if I do anything with my right hand I get these like burst blood vessels which look like big blood blisters appear. My fingers are also starting to cause problems now as well as they lock if I am using the phone or anything I have to prise my fingers off. The consultant injected the fingers on the left hand whilst doing the surgery to see if it would help but I don't know yet as it takes 6 - 9 months sometimes longer to get the full strength back into your hands. I hope they sort your hands out for you. Good luck x

  • I m hoping the consultant I'm seeing will do the same for me-not just treat CTS .just looking at my wrists and they are more swollen.I hope my gp will refer me to get bone growth on my nose and foot removed.I told this to the ENT consultant I saw in 2012 and all he wrote I the letter to my gp was "its not sinuses" and when I raised this with my gp i got no support was the same with rheumy who went on about things that were not his concern and gave me no reason for bone growth etc.I'm not as bad in that I have to prise my fingers open but I cannot hold anything at all.I can't even wear my splints as the ends of the metal plates dig into my palms and I get stinging sharp sensation and pain.I have to wear extra wide or men's shoes cos of bone gp gave me a steroid injection in my left wrist but it only gave me relief for 2 weeks.I have booked an appointment to ask him for referrals (again!!)to ent and rheumy- or whatever dept to get bone growth removed,and to get answers for swelling.

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