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Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I have been off ill since 6th May which I was initially being treated as sciatica , however after 4 weeks in hospitsl and numerous scans they have discovered a tumour at the bottom of my spine. So I am waiting to go and see a neurosurgeon next week to see what is going to happen, very scared about all this and worried. I'm also worried about what's going to happen at the end of 28 weeks when my ssp ends. Can anyone help me here , my husband works and his wages all our bills etc but I'm still really worried about money, I have 2 teenage boys , I am taking this really hard , as I'm 52 years of age and have worked since I was 16, started nursing at 18 and been there ever since. Will I be due money from anywhere else or is that it finished when my ssp ends , any help would be greatly appreciated , thank you , x

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hi Mogi, sorry to hear that you are having a tough time. I can't help you regarding your SSP at the moment, but I am sure that others will be on tomorrow who can. However, I will check back tomorrow evening and if no-one has, I will try and find out for you.

have you thought of ringing the CAB or AgeUk? they can advise you.




Hi Mogi52

I am so sorry to read of your situation and I genuinely hope that everything works out really well for you. I have pasted below a page from the HMRC Website relating to your question, and the link for this page. It would appear that you can apply for ESA:

HMRC - When Sick Pay Ends

SPM10855 - Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) - When SSP ends

SSP liability ends but the employee is still sick

If an employee’s sickness continues after their right to SSP ends, they can claim ESA previously this was IB.

To make the transfer to the social security benefit as smooth as possible, the employer is required by regulation 15 of the SSP (General) Regulations 1982 to give the employee a completed ‘change over’ form SSP1, or their own computerised version of the form with a blank SSP1, see SPM10330.

This should be issued:

at the beginning of the 23rd week, if SSP is due to end when the employer has paid it for 28 weeks

two weeks before the date liability is due to end, if SSP is due to end before the 23rd week, or

as soon as it is known it will end, if SSP ends unexpectedly before the 23rd week.

The employer is required to give the employee form SSP1, or substitute, within the time limits required by regulation 15 of the SSP (General) Regulations 1982.

They must complete the following details on form SSP1:

the last date for which SSP will be payable

why SSP is no longer due, and

the date the PIW started.

Link To HMRC Page

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Mogi,

I am so sorry to hear about the difficult situation that you are in. As Ken has posted, you will be able to get ESA after the SSP ends. Hopefully, once they have dealt with the tumour you will recover and be able to return to work. Please keep us informed of your progress.

Much love and strength to you,

Hedgerow. xx


Hi I am so sorry to hear how tough u r getting things... Am off now nearly my full 28 weeks with lupus, ckd and fibromyalgia it's really tough going an depression has taken over my life. Anyway, am sure u don't wanna hear all that lol! But at ur end off ur 28 weeks ur employer will have to get forms from your dhss office to fill in why really there not paying u anymore then with them forms u can start claiming ESA. This is what my local dhss office has told me anyway.

Really wish u good luck with the neuro and thinking on your hubby and 2 boys. Life really is a hard

All my love

Ruth xxx


Hi there.

You poor thing, I really feel for you. Have you tried the citizens advice bureau. I am your age 52yrs. I will ask about, and if I get any information I will get back to you. There will be help out there, and life will get better.

Karen xx


Hi, when my SSP ran out my employer gave me a SSC1 form or SSc2 can't remember now anyway it tells you why they can't pay you SSP anymore and other info which you will need when you phone up DWP ( dept of works and pensions and they basically pay your sick pay ) you have to answer lots off questions and they put this on the computer which I founds asker than filling out forms. Give them a ring and explain your situation and I'm sure they can help.


Hi there Mogi52,

I'm so sorry to hear about your tumour. I hope that the appointment with the Neurosurgeon goes well and that you can have the surgery soon. About the SSP, you will soon receive communication from your employer that your SSP is coming to an end. I too have been off sick since March 2014 and I got a letter at the beginning of September from my H.R. Department. Within the letter there was a number to call regarding claiming Employment and Support Allowance. The number can also be found on the GOV.UK website. If you call the number someone will take your claim over the telephone. It was all very smooth and straight forward. I am on my own so I was entitled to claim housing benefit too and details were taken for this too. The DWP then send you a pre-filled form asking you to check the details and sign. You then send paperwork back and you should receive an answer quickly. You may be entitled to claim other benefits as you have dependants but they will always take your husbands income into account.

I hope that this has been helpful. I wish you all the luck in the world over the coming months. Hugs x


I'm glad there were people on here that could help. I hope all goes well for you. X.


Ken has you well covered :) I can understand your concerns, its never easy when you have kids no matter their age :) I hope all goes well for you xx


Thank you so much everyone , I feel so much better having read your comments, these things are never easy to find out so wee appreciate the advice, will keep in touch and let you know how I get on, thank you again xxxxxx


Just to say another thank you to all of you for your replies they are much appreciated , I am going to phone DWP tmrw, I have gathered all the information they will need , my workplace is in a big of a disaster at the moment , the lady who works in the office has left so they are in a bit of a quandary so figure I wld be better going straight to DWP as they didn't seem to know what I was asking about when I called them at work . I will keep you all updated , and hopefully get things worked out , as you all know money is a big worry when it comes to things like this. Thanks again , xxx


Hi, I'm sorry you have so much to worry about. Now, a touchy subject, but hoping for the best, you might like to look on the following site for financial advice. Hopefully your lump won't be this, but they might be able to guide you? I do wish you all the best, but my husbands lump turned out to be cancer, and I wish someone had told me where I could get help. He is okay, that was in 1982/3 and all clear since, touch wood. So I hope you know I'm not meaning to be unkind. I hope I've done the right thing as I don't want to cause you worry. There have been plenty of false alarms in my family, of fatty tissue and I hope it's just that for you. Good luck.


Thank you Sarah Jane and I know you arnt meaning to be unkind but these things have to be faced up to , thank you so much for the link, it's much appreciated


Well everyone, wee update here, I phone the DWP today and omg I felt drained afterwards, over an hour I was on the phone and eventually ended up in tears. I have worked since I was fifteen and started nursing as soon as I turned 18 and have nursing ever since , still doing so at the moment , though obviously off sick at the moment, although the lady who was processing my claim was very helpful and understanding , I felt as if I was begging for money. I have never been in this position before , never had to sign on or anything. This is all very disturbing and I just can't get my head round it. I'm lucky that my husband earns a good wage but every penny is accounted for with mortgage , bills etc, and my wages paid for holidays , birthdays , christmas etc, but according to the lady I spoke to today I am only due the contribution based part of the ESA and not the income based part as my husband earns a good wage. I'm so sad about all this ,it's been a horrible year and I feel my boys have suffered enough seeing me crying and in pain through the night for so long, I so want to give them a nice christmas . Here's hoping all of this gets sorted out soon. Thanks all for listening to me xxx


Hi Mogi52, no I never mean to be unkind and I apologise if I was. I just want to say, linking to this post, that I'm sorry to hear of your troubles and I can relate. I'm so close to losing my job, I fight to get in to work and they also say my husband earns too much for help! Thankfully my kids have left home but I still have them and grand kids I want to be there for. I hope you manage to resolve your problems and you FM let's up a bit. Soft hugs


Sarah jane you don't need to apologise , i was saying of course you weren't unkind because in your post you stated that you hoped I didn't think you were being unkind. Sarah jane I hope all is well with you . I am not coping well at the moment at all, I am finding this form filling and applying for benefits very overwhelming. I phone the dept of work and pensions last week and applied for ESA, over the phone then I got the form sent out to me asking me to fill in what was missing , I can't find anything missing. This really upset me , mind you it doesn't tske much these days . The. I got a txt from them to tell me they had received my claim and would let me know by 11th nov if it was successful and I didn't need to contact them, then yesterday I got a letter in from them saying that I had to send them a medical cert from 11 th no vas the one they have will run out then. I didn't give them any cert to start with . I am so confused , and in pain and can't stop crying. I have worked since I was 16, started nursing at 18 and have been since then , I will soon be 53 and this is the first time I have been off long term sick. Sorry that this is such a negative post but I just feel so down about all of this and don't know where to start. I am going to CAB on Tuesday so hoping I will come out feeling a lot lighter with the weight if all of this off my shoulders. Thanks for reading if you got this far , hugs to you xxx


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