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watercolour painting

Hi everyone,

I used to do a lot of sewing and knitting but for some reason I don't seem to enjoy it as much as I used to especially knitting,I don't seem to be able to concentrate on the pattern. I have just started having a go at drawing and painting,I am really no good but I have found it very relaxing. I was wondering if there were any other members who do watercolour painting and if you could recommend just one good brush what would it be,I have bought a pack of brushes for about six pounds but they are not very nice to use. I can't believe the prices of good brushes hence needing some advice.

Has anyone else had to give up a hobby and have you started something different, would love to know what you do.

love and hugs


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I used to do a lot of cross stitch but had to give up after shoulder surgery; don't think I'd be able to follow the chart now either. So I took up tapestry instead as I can manage the larger needle. I enjoy doing it whilst listening to an audio book. At the moment I am working on a tapestry of Lynmouth, one of my favourite places.


Ooowww that sounds lovely panda - I love Lynmouth too. My medium in crafting is felting, together with a small amount of crocheting but that makes my hands hurt so easily I do little of it. Kudos to you for the tapestry :-) :-)

Foggy x


what a wonderful hobby to have, not something i could do xxxx Lin


Me being cerebrally challenged :o ;-) I'm not sure if you're referring to the felting or the crocheting, or the water colour painting which I too wish I was able to do but am like a 5 year old painting a flower or a stick man/woman - that's the extent of my knowledge .......or lack thereof :d :d :d

Foggy x


rofl xxxxxx


I use to live near lynmouth but am now in somerset xx


Hi I say I still do patchwork and quilting but I have started very slowly with the old pencil again , I am hoping once I am put back on hydrocholquinne I will get my immune system to behave slightly better and my concentration my improve I might be able to sew again I also knit ,rag rag ,embroidered, I hope to be able to sign up for a distance learning city and guild part 2 patch work and appliqué course of 2 years ,that is my dream :d keep your fingers crossed ,have you tried zen triangles and adult colouring books for relaxation when my hands are slightly better this something I else I do to keep myself sitting down quite , as I still want to be doing all the time :d good luck with art classes there a good way to make friends to ,I spent 4 years t art college best years of my life :d

Shadow xx


OMW methinks we should set up some tutorials for crafting during the winter, we could all attempt a particular thing and then the person who knows what they are doing (NOT me !!) can give tips and advice hhmmmm there's a thought to run by admin. **totters off to hatch a plan


Lol :d how high are the heels :p


I had to give up gardening and I love to sew and knit but my hands sometimes dont let me or my brain gives up with patterns, so thats when I get drawing book or my paints out. I love water colour painting and the best brushes I find are sable (you should be able to get them at Hobbycraft or similar place). They are a bit expensive but you get what you pay for and they will last if you look after them. I have had some of my brushes for over 30 years and I bought them in a proper art shop which unfortunately are few and far between now. I love doing anything crafty and the craft stuff has taken over my house a bit but it keeps my mind off my pain a bit. It really doesnt matter if you feel you are no good look at some of the art in the Tate gallery some of it (I feel) is real rubbish but someone likes it. Have fun with the painting and dont get discouraged. Gentle hugs Joolz.x


My daughter uses normal household paint brushes, and her work is really good, she got that idea from a guy who does water colours on tv and he uses decorating brushes too. I hope you enjoy your new found hobby and remember practice makes perfect. I never used patterns for knitting etc, but then found I could not knit anymore so I swapped to crochet and again use no patterns as I just cannot see well enough to read them, but in saying that the fisrt thing I ever made was an aran cardigan when I was 17, had my wool, needles no pattern. But we do what we have to do to keep busy xxx

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I did some rather successful "splatter painting" with a friend onto canvas squares. We used wall paint but in silver, gold, creams, and pale greens, strangely they worked out really really well, to the extent that we had to do some more because my friend displayed them on the wall of her hotel restaurant and people kept asking to purchase them, and it's amazing what people were prepared to pay - had me completely befuddled (not hard to achieve :o !! )

Foggy x


I used to take watercolour classes and used windsor and newton paints and brushes.

the paints were the ones like little blocks in a box.

you only really need 3 good quality brushes , I think it was a 2, 3(or4), and a 6.

you can actually paint a finer line with a bigger pointed brush.

get heavier water colour paper so it doesn't buckle.

use a putty rubber as it doesn't damage the paper.

use masking tape to create a frame around the paper. once you've finished, gently peel it off towards your picture. you should have a nice white border.

you can roughly divide your paper into 3 equal portions - make marks on the masking tape;

e.g. top -sky;

middle - mountain/water/trees/a building;

bottom - water/sea /beach.

practice, play, enjoy.

never be disappointed with your work.

display it somewhere and "live with it" for at least a week. - it will change, and you might like it.

if not, turn it over and paint on the other side!

I can't just draw, but I can copy from another in proportion to the paper size.

You can photocopy a pic you like, outline what you want to use.

then put this draft under your paper, put it onto a window and trace it through.

have fun - there are never mistakes, just happy developments :)

and remember, you are a painter, not a photocopier! it's your representation, not a perfect recreation :)




Hi thank-you for all the advice. A lot of the things I draw and paint don't look real they look more like something out of a childs story book, but I suppose that must be "My Style". I have recently been trying to draw a cat using a book for guidence using circles and ovals and lines to start with, I was really suprised with the end result and spent the whole evening drawing cats. I can't believe how relaxing I find it. Need to save up for a few decent brushes(not working at the moment so money is very tight)

Best wishes to you

Bessylooloo xx


that's how I started by tracing childrens' storybook art,

then copying Christmas and birthday cards, calendars and jigsaws.

good luck with the cats! :)


Hi bessylooloo

I do not so anything of this nature, but I wanted to wish you all the best with your drawing and painting!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I had to give up my cross stitch cos couldntfollow charts or transfer to went back to knitting but now hands so sore can't do that.reverted back to cross stitch but where i used to stitch for a couple of hours at a time now I can only do a few stitches,and the ones I do are simple designs.

Like to spend time in my garden attending to plants etc but am resricted in how much I do cos of back pain(curvature of lower spine).


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