A warm belated "HAPPY NEW YEAR"to all my fellow fibro mites

So sorry that Iam late in saying this as I haven't had the opportunity to come on here and say a HUGE THANK YOU to all my lovely friends on here and wish you all a better year than the last.I myself have got my goals of losing weight,doing some regular exercise,trying out some voluntary work and doing a course in something that interests me like something creative.I would love to do floristry or painting,good job I have a whole year to achieve my goals.And I won't beat myself up if I can't achieve all of them :) What goals does everyone else have in mind? Xxx

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  • Happy new year Haribo. I wish you all the best in achieving your goals next year Unfortunatlly the only goal I have at the moment is to stay awake long enough to eat my tea,,,,lol hugs sue

  • Oh dear poor you sue! Hope you got your tea lol xxx

  • Happy new year haribo, lets hope it's good one eh!! I think we could all do with some help at the moment, , wish you luck in retrieving your goals, I'm sure you will..me I don't have any goals at present, ....hope u get a better nights sleep haribo, nice to have you back,....gentle hugs.....Dee xx

  • Thank you dee,how was your Xmas?xxx

  • It was quite but nice, I got some very useful presents, there was two things missing my doglets, my daughter cooked a brilliant Christmas dinner, she took me to see my son her brother Christmas Eve, we had brilliant time, fortunately my eldest grandson drove us there because Sue my daughter had just a little bit too much to drink, but she was happy and her and my grandaughter had us rolling up, and the thing was my daughter and son had a Falling out a couple of years go, and that was the first time they were laughing an joking around together it was lovely to see and they are fine again, so I can die happy lol, seriously though I was getting worried about them, Darren my son has two daughters and my daughter Sue has two sons, and she had done so much for them girls whn they were little and she was missing them big time, but now thank goodness every thing ok, so on that note my Christmas was great, sorry I've been prattling on haven't I, how was your Christmas??? Sending gentle hugs to you ((( H ))) Dee xxx

  • Good morning dee,my Xmas was hard being on my own with the kids as my carers were on annual leave so I found it tough.I spent Xmas day round my sisters were my mum and dad there as well.Boxing day I went round the kids other Nan's (my ex-husbands mum and dads) which was strange as my ex was there but we are quite amicable.The rest of the time it was me and the kids and setting up toys non stop for my little boy lol.Was really tiring as I had no time for me,and I missed not coming on here :( But am back now though :)

  • Well a lovely Happy New Year to you Haribo, may it be peaceful, pain free, and good for you. I could go on but you know what I mean :) Have a good one :) You have quite a list of things you want to achieve mine is much smaller. I hope to finish my books and get them published I was waiting for my clever daughter to illustrate them but I think she has too much on at mo so I am going to start flogging arouns the publishers again when I have tweeked the stories.

    You want to be a florist, well I am a florist I used to teach it as well , it is a wonderful thing to do so enjoy!

    So what is your favorite flower? xxgins

  • Good morning gins,I love white Lily's,I had them at my wedding and they looked lovely.What is your favourite?xxx

  • Hi gins how are you today....whatever are books about, and what r the titles nd let us know when they get published, I love reading, had you had any others published yet??? Gentle hugs to you gins...Dee xxx

  • Happy New Year to you too. Hope it is a good one and that you achieve your goals. I am sure you will.

    I think my goal is to accept I have Fibro and manage it it better.



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