Trying to distract myself from pain with painting

Trying to distract myself from pain with painting

I have always had a big soft spot for animals. I decided to pick up my painting brush before I go completely bonkers and my stash of medication makes me think of suicide again. I went to art college many moons ago and not picked up my brush in over 20 years. I get very tired and my hands hurt but I have very slowly kept plugging away every day over the last week or so and finally finished one. Its of my cat Koko who is a big softy and I am yet to hear her hiss or growl. If anyone wants to email me a good photo of their pet then I will try and do a painting.

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  • That's amazing:-). how much do you charge to do a painting?

  • I'm not charging anything. Just trying to absorb myself in the painting. I seem to enjoy painting animals at the moment.

  • You are obviously very talented and it's well worth you continuing your artwork even if it takes you a while. It's a wonderful painting of Koko and if it stops the scary stuff taking over it's got to be worth doing little and often as I do with my glass. x

  • How you doing today Lizzie ?

  • Not too bad fibrofog thanks

  • Wowski shushkin, that is totally beautiful, Koko looks very like one of my old cats Pippin, but without the white bits. What a lovely talent to have :-)

    Foggy x

  • Stupid me, I was so absorbed by the picture that your words of pain didn't register properly please forgive me. I am pleased that instead of thinking of suicide, you are focussing yourself on something constructive. If you do feel that desperate again, please do contact the Samaritans - who are trained to help people like you when the darkness descends so do please use that facility, they do such good.

    I wish you very well and send healing thoughts your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Sushkin, Awww you must keep up your painting, that picture is excellent. It's what I do when I'm in pain etc, paint, make jewellery, anything to keep m occupied, my best wishes and gentle hugs to you xxx BTW, please what ever you do don't think of suicide, please talk to someone, talk on here please don't give up hope ever xx

  • Thank you for such kind words Vonni. Sometimes I am so depressed I cant do anything, so I must be going through a good phase. Its nice to see how others cope with fibro. I've learnt a lot on here.

  • How wonderful that you can paint Sushkin! It is hard to hold a brush up- tho I am no way in your league I know the help/distraction it gives me.

    Many gentle hugs to you xxx

  • Hi Jimjams

    Its not easy for me but its good to achieve something. I need loads more practice. Some days I just seem to cry all the time so being able to paint is a big achievement for me.

  • that is a lovely painting! I envy you your talent.

    I'm sorry you're having a rough time, but I'm so pleased you've found release in your painting. I miss it, hopefully soon I'll start again.

    I want to thank you for sharing your painting, and again for offering to paint someone's pet. Because of that, I've spent hours looking through my photo's on my pc for a nice pic of my budgie. I enjoyed looking at all the photo's and seeing many I'd forgotten about. thanks to you.


  • Hi Shushkin

    What an amazing artist you are! That is a superb picture of Koko.

    Sorry to hear you suffer with depression, it seems to be quite common with fibro. Art will be a good outlet for you, just wondering if there is something you can lean as you paint if you are in pain? I seem to remember one of the girls, I think it's Pip, who has a fantastic chair which she finds is really good.

    Keep on painting and posting your art work.

    Is x

  • Your picture is lovely. I never went to classes but have always wanted to paint, have bought the materials but don't like to have a go in case I make a fool of myself.

  • you can't make a fool of yourself - everyone sees things differently, and as long as you enjoy doing it - who cares what others think? In fact, its great fun to daub, make a mess, get messy, begin by being 4 again :)

    I could draw/copy but not paint, so I bought some kid's paints and a basic colouring book. It physically hurt to try and control the brush and "stay inside the lines". I told my Dad and he said "will the colouring-in police be around to check? just relax and enjoy it." I was in my 40's, so I did, as a good daughter should, what my Dad said - and it was fun :)

    I now enjoy watercolour painting.

    go for it,


  • Just go for it Babs. Most painters start at zero. I certainly did. Few are born with amazing talent unless your Picasso of course. Practice makes perfect. Dont paint in lines but paint the different colours and tones you see before you.

  • That picture is amazing!

    Sorry to hear of how your feeling, its not good t to feel depressed i know. Always here to talk x

  • You have such a wonderful talent,iam so envious!Sorry to hear that you feel suicidal sometimes,I certainly have been there many times myself.Iam sure that doing a bit of painting when you can manage will help greatly,it has encouraged me to try something creative,maybe a floristry or painting course?dont know if iam any good though! Hehe :)

  • Hit here that's a wonderful picture, you are sooo talented, wish I could up load a photo of my Sophie who went to the rainbow in the sky a couple of weeks ago, I took a photo of her a few weeks before she went and it's the only recent one i have, it's on my iPhone .....gentle hugs to you .keep up the good work...Dee x

  • Thank your your replies, I cannot draw as my hands shake so much but I will give painting a go with a childs painting book and see how it goes.

    Thank you

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