Question Time at Nine (9pm) - Q2

Question Time at Nine (9pm) - Q2

Hello fellow FibroAction members,

Apologies for the late post this evening, problems uploading picture of the graph to HU.

But, hooray as promised a graph of results (please see picture) from the answers you gave yesterday, to Q1 - What is the worse symptom for you personally out of these three options?

For Discussion - Fibro has been described by some by saying the pain experience is worse than Fatigue & ME that fatigue is worse experience than the pain.

Any thoughts on this as a generalised way to described the differences between the two conditions?

Thank You for all who answered :) & now for Q2, with results to be posted tomorrow at 9pm - please share & let's try to get more participants as we can! :)

Q2.Do you take any of the following opioid medication?

a) Codeine (Co Codamol, Codeine Phosphate, Dihydrocodeine - ie Codeine based medications)


c) Oramorph (Liquid Morphine)

d) Morphine Sustained Release Tablets (MST, Oxycodone - ie strong opioid tablets)


How effective do you find them?

a) Very effective

b) Not at all effective

c) Sometimes effective

d) Initial First dose was effective

e) Is effective each time dose increases

Please Note: To increase involvement in our community I intend to share on Facebook & Twitter, so please can you ensure any content you contribute is not really personal and/or your avatar (forum/community name) is anonymous to protect your confidentiality.

Please add your answers & tomorrow at 9 I'll post the results plus another question - I thought I better add this as some of you may be wondering what's the point of this post!

Many Thanks :)

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  • A & C. x

  • Take none of the drugs listed and asking about fatigue after 9pm has a strong possibility of affecting responses / participant numbers in a straw poll.

  • Hello Ian123,

    Thank You for your comment

    As we know all polls & questions have variables, the question is open for comments for 24hrs so people post their answers at anytime. Also I would hope people answering would answer taking into account an average day of symptoms to which they feel is worse for them.

    It not going to be used as any analytical reasons, it is merely to ask questions to get people discussing Fibro and the graph results are just an easy way to convey what the answers were! :)

    It's a trial to see if people join in & seem to like it or not !?!

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • A and c. I try not to take pain killers unless I really have to.

  • I find that at the moment I can get by with just taking Paracetamol.

  • can't take codiene.

    was on tramadol for a short time a while ago, found it effective, it helped me sleep too, but had to come off it.

  • A & C.

  • Hi I take d but really try not to only in extreme circumstance do I take them ,they work to well by making me unable to really function so only take half dose have discussed this with gp and only really take them at night ,and the second answer is e hope this helps.

  • A and C most definitely!

    Thanks Emma

    Ken x x

  • b & c :)

  • Q2) a,d then c

  • A, B & B

    Thank you for the breakdown. Very informative and interesting. Good to know I'm not unusual.

  • A & c

  • Re for discussion.

    I don't have ME but the muscle fatigue is worse than pain in my fibromyalgia case.

  • B & C

  • A and A

  • a and a

  • Take Co-Codamol

    Had side effects that I something think are worse that condition.

  • b and a

  • Thank You all for your answers. If anyone else would like to answer please do so before 9pm ! :)

  • AB&D

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