Question Time @ Nine (9pm)

Question Time @ Nine (9pm)

No 1

What is the worse symptom for you personally out of these 3 options?



or c) a mixture of both ?


Which of the following of these are you diagnosed with?



c) Fibro & ME

or d)Fibro + another condition/s

Please Note To increase involvement in our community I intend to share on Facebook & Twitter, so please can you ensure any content you contribute is not really personal and/or your avatar (forum/community name) is anonymous to protect your confidentiality.

Please add your answers & tomorrow at 9 I'll post the results plus another question - I thought I better add this as some of you may be wondering what's the point of this post!

Many Thanks :)

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  • C and A.

  • C and D x

  • c and a

  • C and D.

  • C and D definitely!

    I am of the opinion that my pain adds to my poor sleep pattern and thus creates fatigue. This in turn leads me to suffer with confusion. At least that is how I see it?

    Do not worry about any confidentiality for me, I am already on Twitter in my FibroAction gear and FibroAction header!


    Ken x x

  • C and D

  • Usually B&D but at the moment C&D

  • C & A

  • C and d

  • No.1 - C

    No.2 - C and D

  • c and d

  • C and D

  • Hi Mdaisy

    C & D

  • D

  • Thank You for commenting - Could you please ask if you could possibly answer the first part of the question too :)

  • C and D

  • Thank You :)

  • You're very welcomed! :-D

  • A and D

    For some reason, the medication has helped with the fatigue although it's still difficult to manage when I have a flare but by far the worst thing for me is the pain, spasms and cramps because none of the medication appears to touch the sides so more and more, like most on the forum, I'm having to rely on mind over matter.

  • B and D

    For pain I can take something and carry on. Fatigue stops me from being human.

  • C & D

  • C and d

  • B & D.

  • C & D

  • C and d

  • C and A

  • C & D

  • Hi I'm C and C

  • Oops mine is C and D

  • A+D

  • C and D

  • C and D x

  • C and A

  • C and D

  • C and D

  • Thank You to all who've answered, please keep them coming! I will show the results in a graph at 9pm with question No2. Even tho' it will be a small selection of members answers it may be interesting! Anyone like to suggest future questions, please do and i'll consider using them. :)

  • C and D

  • B a c thanks for all the caring

  • Thank You for your comment & kind words :)

  • Hello fellow members,

    If you'd like to please can you answer the question as the more participants the better it is ! :)

    Many Thanks

    Emma :)

  • A and A

  • 15 mins to go ! :) Anymore answers anyone?

  • For another daily question (Q2), results from Q1 and to join in our discussion please visit;

    Many Thanks :)

  • C and D

  • C& d

  • C and D

  • A & D

  • C + D.

  • C to the first part & C & D to the second part.

  • C&D

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