Question Time at Nine (9pm) Q6

Question Time at Nine (9pm) Q6

Hello Members,

Here's the results to Q5 (made a pretty pattern huh!)

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Q6 Which best relates to you personally and the Flu jab?

a) Yes, I always have it

b) No, never had it

c) I have had it before but not anymore

d) No, I have concerns about having it


As far as you know is it a live virus used in the immunisation?


b) No

c) I think so

d) I don't know

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Please add your answers in a few days at 9 I'll post the results plus another question - I thought I better add this as some of you may be wondering what's the point of this post!

Many Thanks :)

18 Replies

  • 1a 2b

  • 1 (a) and 2 (b).

  • C + B

    What happened to Wales in the above graph ? :(

  • C & B Had it for years until i had a realy bad flair 24 hrs after having the last one. There is no way of knowing if it was the jab that caused it or not. it has left me terrified to try again.

  • A and B

  • A and B :-)

  • Just d.on the second question.just had it for the first time.

  • 1d and 2d

    I react badly to any injections and always have done long before fibro.

  • B & D

  • D/D never had it

  • A and B

  • A and C

  • A + b I have had it for the first time this year as my chest has been bad all summer, I had it two weeks ago, no problems.

  • 1 a 2 b

    like the picnic table on the graph

    No we have no posters. Do people read them. There are so many they have to rotate them. Might be an idea though.

  • A + C.

  • c a

  • Q1-A


  • C & B

    Received a flu jab many, many years back but unfortunately my arm swelled up and looked as though it had been beaten black and blue and I could hardly use it for 2 weeks so was told not to have another one. That year I never had flu which was the first time in years so it was such a pity that I can't receive it.

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