Question Time at Nine (9pm) Q4

Question Time at Nine (9pm) Q4

Hello fellow members.

Please find the graph of results for Q3 - Where did your pain start & When did a Health Professional decide it was time to do further tests?

For Discussion Do you think the GP's are becoming more aware of Fibro? Do you think a set flow chart for Fibromyalgia in primary care may help? If so, what do you think should trigger more investigations?

Here's your next question;

Q4 Who mainly looks after you in relation to your Fibro

a) GP

b) Rheumatolgist (possibly advises GP)

c) Pain Consultant (possibly advises GP)

d) Fibro Specialist (possibly advises GP)


How do you feel this person looks after your Healthcare in relation to your Fibro?

a) Poor

b) Adequate

c) Good

d) Excellent

Please Note:To increase involvement in our community I intend to share on Facebook & Twitter, so please can you ensure any content you contribute is not really personal and/or your avatar (forum/community name) is anonymous to protect your confidentiality.

Please add your answers & tomorrow at 9 I'll post the results plus another question - I thought I better add this as some of you may be wondering what's the point of this post!

Many Thanks :)

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  • B&D

  • 1. a

    2.. c

  • A & A

  • My gp is very aware of fibro. In fact it was my gp who first identified I may be suffering from it. My treatment is manamanaged by a rheumatologist and my gp who communicate.

    A flow chart would be a grate aid for medical staff who no nothing or very little about fibromyalgia.

    Answers b and c

  • 1) A

    2) C

  • A and C for me also! x

  • 1-A


  • 1 - B

    2- C

  • B & A discharged after diagnosis.

  • A & C My GP is not an expert in FM but will always send me for tests when it is something that he is unsure of.

  • discussion points : yes, yes, and not sure as there's a raft of symptoms but tender points is pretty good and doesn't apply to many other things.

    Q4. None of the above.

    It's me and I could do better.

    That said the GP is on board and supportive but I see him infrequently. I was offered physio which lasted all of 2 sessions.

  • A A

    I don't get any help or follow up despite diagnosis from pain clinic consultant. Seems I have exhausted all treatment and so that's it!

  • I AM EXACTLY THE SAME ib003. My G.P. doesn't know what else to give me, he says there is nothing else. I can't even get a painkiller from him, as the ones he's tried have done any good, so that's it. I really wish there was someone who could help me.

  • B/C ,c joined in in the past 2 months , pain clinic and on going checks and every 4 months check up ,pain clinc brilliant ,but you have to have an open mind and stick with it ,it's worth it ,this is the answer to part 1

    The answer to the second part is D the doctors have been so caring ,the gp has known me a long time as knows who I was before all this and understands how this all has changed me ,it helps if you have a gp who really knows you if you doctors who don't and see a different one every time you go you are patronised and made to feel like your neurotic , I saw one locum who hadn't read my notes before I went in and she called me lovey and basicaly left me feel worse than when I went in I knew something was going on differently with my body and I was right it was ,and I had to deal with no dignity and a lot of pain ,my point is we need continuity of care which is what I get 99% of the time . :)

  • A. After diagnosis by rheumatologist who told me that fybro was not financed enough and there was nothing more he could and referred me back to my doctor who looks after me in a fashion!

    A. Poor, I don't feel cared for.

  • B and C

  • A & B

  • hello lovlies. A and B for me.

  • 1. a

    2 c.

    Linda x

  • A and A

  • b and b

  • A&B

  • A & A.

  • A & B

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