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Question Time

Morning all my fellow Fibro Warriors,

I have recently been diagnosed as being B12 deficient. There are different variations of B12 deficiency however the symptoms are present themselves similar to that of Fibromyalgia. The reason i was diagnosed was due to a simple blood test that did a whole work out, including that of my hormones, Thyroid, liver, kidney, insulin and what ever else they could test. From what i can gather B12 isn't a routine blood test. If i hadnt of been tested then who knows what would have eventually happened.

Now my question to you lovely bunch is: When was the last time you had a blood test that included your B12?

It may be worth asking your doctor for this simple test. I had an appointment with my pain management nurse yesterday and said that it could be my real issue and not fibromyalgia. I am currently on a loading dose which is 6 injections spaced out over 2 weeks (Give of take a day of two depending on when you have your first injection) and then i will need them every 12 weeks for the rest of my life. Apparently they will get more spaced out as the years go on, but i am waiting for confirmation. Its still to early to tell if they are working or not.

What do you think? Is there a possibility that my problems are due to B12 or that i have both problems?

Look forward to hearing from you lovely folk :)

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suppose short answer is that time will tell - hope it all works well for you.


Hi Claris1

I sincerely hope that you are well today? Thank you so much for this, I had this blood test a couple of months ago as I do have a problem, but it is separate from my Fibro. I have Osteoporosis and take 10mg of steroid daily which adds to the issue. So I was prescribed several vitamin and protein medications from Alendronic Acid to Acrette D3 along with Multiple B's supplements.

It feels like a vicious circle as the steroids enhance the problem but I need to take them as I have COPD and chronic asthma!

I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Claris, I think Betty is right. You won't have a good handle on it till you've been on the B12 for awhile. Did they suggest any reason you could have been defiecient? Vegans don't eat meat which supplies all the B vitamisn except B12. But there are also pathologies (like Crone's Disease) that can be responsible. It might help if they could address that issue for you.


I am not a vegetarian and certainly not a vegan, but the last time I was diagnosed with anaemia was when I had my daughter when I suffered with two massive placental abruptions. My daughter had to have a blood transfusion and I was given iron tablets and left to it. I have a check up on Friday so I will be armed with more questions. I will also look into Chrones.

This is all new to me and just when I thought I was getting my head around fibromyalgia this little gem pops up. I know my levels were checked last year and my levels were what is considered normal, however this time around they have dropped that when my doctor saw the results she didn't even hesitate getting the injection and administer it straight away.

It's all very confusing


I hope it is nothing! Don't get anxious. Just listen to me willya, trying to give advice . . . Whenever I go to find out the results of a test, I tend to think the worst. Oy :P


I had a blood test done on 1st Oct and got the result today. I was tested for B12, Thyroid, FBC and liver. However the results were all fine - no treatment needed. The last time I had this test was because my mouth was really sore; I couldn't even use minty toothpaste. I had 1 injection and that was it. So what the cause is this time I haven't the foggiest!! XX


I had one last month as I was feeling so weak and having many health issues. It was on the low side of normal??? xxx Mitzi


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