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Think am gonna take a panic attack !!

Hi all, I started tech last night doing a short maths course. I really wanted to do this due to everything happening with me lately, the lupus, ckd, fibro, ibs and depression. Am always in and out of hosp! This was something I wanted to take control off.. But as I got into the class I felt very dizzy and that everything was coming in on top off me my heart racing like mad!! Thankfully I was able to control my mum and she calmed me Down and I finished up the class.. But what about next week!!! I was always a happy go lucky girl now my world has totally changed !!

Ruth :)

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Hi there Ruth :)

Wow! what a major big step you have taken I'm so proud of you :)

Anxiety isn't easy to control but you beat it and got through the class so well done :D

Don't give up and remember you beat it once you can beat it again try to stay positive and with time it will become easier and easier.

Do you practise any relaxation exercises?

I ask because they may help you to overcome the anxiety too as well as the support from your mum which I'm glad you have someone there for you to call on if needed :)

Here's a couple of links to some 'relaxation' posts from the past of mine that I think you may like but remember I'm not a medical professional just a fellow fibromite sharing some information with you :) Maybe you could have a chat with your GP about it too as together you could work out what's the best way to deal with it (anxiety) :)


This link has other useful links within it


This link discusses alternative treaments for fibro


This link discusses anxiety

Hope these links are useful, if any of the links do not work please let me know so that I can change them thankyou.

Fluffies and smiles for you

xxx sian :)

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Oh Ruth how well you did last night you took control with al iittle help from Mum and you cracked it. If you done it once you can do it again next week and perhaps with out Mum :)

I hope you have read Sians post she offers such good advice :)

I wish you load of luck and please do keep telling us how you get on :) xgins


Hi Ruth_Iderry

I am so sorry to read that you felt this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I think that you were amazing to be able to control the feelings and sensations and do what you wanted to do, so you are half way there?

I think that zeb73 has given you some wonderful links to have a look at, and I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Ruth

All I can say is well done to you. Even though you had the panic attack you dealt with it and finished the class which is a major achievement. When you go next week and I am sure you will keep that in your mind if you start suffering again. Remember to breathe as as daft as it seems when we are stressed we often start to overbreathe with little shallow breaths so just take slower ones and really breath from low within you instead of little breaths from the top of the chest.

Let us know how you get on.x


Hi Ruth as other have already said well done for stay for the whole class. I am 48 and have agoraphobia, along with the fibro, and everything that goes hand in hand with both of these conditions. Unfortunately I have had the panic/anxiety from the age of 9 and the fibro not much longer after. I cannot take any medication and have had many therapy sections over the years. The latest one I was recommended a book for which I cannot advocate enough. It is written by a Dr with anxiety issues and how his method is now being used throughout the NHS mental health service. It is called "The Happiness Trap" by Dr Russ Harris and it is following the ACT method. It teaches you how to live with "conditions" no matter what they might be but still have a life because they now realise that some things you cannot get rid of and instead of fighting it and trying to get rid of them, which you can't, but how to live with them and still have a happy life. Lots of learning techniques and not a quick fix but maybe something you may want to try, especially if anxiety is a new thing in your life and before you get into to many bad habits :o) Good luck.


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