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Memory Board

Hello all i've been abit hit and miss of late family stuff. Anyway I was listening to radio 2, and the conversation was regarding people who suffer with dementure, which I have had the plessure of working with several service users in the past. So my thinking is what if we all started writing down anything we remember from our own past no matter how big or small, building up memories I guess that can be passed down to our loved ones, I also wonder if it will help trigger our own memorys, put together a memory box. Its a thought what about others what do you think, feel regards memory xx

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Great idea.we dont have the room after downgrading to a tiny flat.but my memory scares me and losing it altogether would be much worse.x


A good idea to keep working on it to keep trying to remember, its amazing as you go along how much further and with what clarity you can remember times, things and of course people. xgins


A great idea! x


Same for me its horried not remembering espesically when it come to my boys, and as you say gins could help trigger of other memorys xx


good idea tess. you could write it on your pc and save it the hard drive plus a memory stick.




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