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Morning Hope everyone is well, or as well as we can be. Learning to live with pain, is not easy, but we can make the most of sunshine days when things are not as bad. Does anyone have memory loss with fibromyalgia? Thank goodness for diaries and note books or I would be in a right mess. I have to just laugh about mine, but honestly it is getting hopeless.

Well off to work now


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Good Morning Karran,

Memory loss & poor concentration at first I thought it was tiredness or just lack of Interest! Brain Fogginess, Just another Fybro symptom!


thanks for that. It is nice to see I am not alone. I think the family think it is all in my mind. What other symptoms to you have? Mine are tiredness, all over pain, knee s giving away. I also cannot stand the cold. Are any of these familiar? However, today I am not too bad. Karran


Yes and yes, Karran12 all you can do is try to educate them let them see this website. It worked for my son when reading article about it did nothing for his understanding.

But when I let him see this site he finally got it. Let them see the answers you get from this site. Then they will see we aer real people with a hideous syndrome that steals the very essence of who we were beform FM.



I was diagnosed in 2000, but I know now, looking back I've suffered with Fibro since at least 1994, because of my continual absences from work my job was at risk, fortunately, when it came time to consider leaving work, in 2002 all our jobs were put into a redundancy situation, so I took the opportunity to take redundancy, because of my length of service I got a decent enough package at that time, but I knew with my absences my employer could no longer sustain keeping my job open for me! My symptoms are → physical pain, exhaustion, Migraine headaches, poor sleep, (I average 2 hours a night), poor memory & concentration, forgetfulness, depression, irritability, anxiety, stress, irritable bowel, joints seizing, I also have underactive thyroid, & pernicious anaemia (B12 injections every 8 weeks) allergies to nickel, perfumes &(fragrances) i.e. in soap, shampoo, hair colour, laundry powder the list goes on. Now I'm attending the alopecia clinic, diagnosed in the last 6 months as having lichen planus & frontal fibrosing alopecia, I have lost my eyebrows, but they've been tattooed now, but still losing hair daily (receding hairline) about an inch & a half just now, not pleasant to experience, particularly for a female! I've been told my conditions are all linked because they are all autoimmune! also never had cold sores, get some now fortunately not a regular occurrence, 3 maximum in 5 years, I'm sure I've missed some things but that's more than enough to deal with don't you think :D got to laugh otherwise I would need an endless supply of tissues, I hope I've not terrified you with above info. I will hear how you get on. Take Care, gentle hugs sent your way xxx


Join the club I think fibro fog gets to all of us and of course the meds we are on sometimes don't help. I have never used so many post it pads or chalk boards in my life and I still forget thingsx


Of coarse it's call Fibro Fog don't you just luv it. When you write something down to remember and then forget you wrote it down. xx


Hi karran12

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing memory issues with your Fibro, as I know only too well how horrid and debilitating this can be?

I started to suffer memory issues quite a few months ago, and they got steadily worse and became accompanied by my migraines getting substantially worse and then I experienced confusion. It got so bad that my GP gave me a dementia test, she said that I did not have dementia but I clearly has an issue.

I am now awaiting an appointment with my Neurologist to try and get to the bottom of this. However, Fibro fog is legendary and I think most of us suffer with this from one time to another?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


As others have said, memory is definitely a problem, together with concentration problems & confusion. I also now struggle with mental arythmatic and spelling, get words wrong, or can't think of words I want. It all comes under the banner of Fibro fog which I think most of us are familiar with.

I rely on lists, post it notes and alarms on my phone. If it's not written down it will be forgotten. If it is written down, there's a chance I'll find the list! X


Hi, yes I definitely suffer from fibro fog. I sometimes stop mid sentence, & have no recollection of what I was about to say. Or I start to say something & then one word escapes me, & other people try & guess what it is! Very frustrating, & it makes one feel like an idiot! lol!

I'm very interested to read Honor's list of afflictions. I too have suffered hair loss, which I was told was down to either my over active thyroid or near anaemia, I never gave it a thought it could be fibro. My eyebrows have partly grown back, have to fill in remaining third with eyebrow pencil, but the bald patch by my ear hasn't. Has been there about 2 years, I have had to change from a middle to side parting to cover it, can't put my hair in pony tail any-more!

I thought about tattooing them back, but the pain & cost of £400-£500 put me off!

Gentle hugs too all xx


Thank you for the reply. It is nice to think someone else is going through the same. Just been for a walk with Dougal my dog. I try to walk is much as I can but I am tired now, so sitting having a cup of tea. I love my hot water bottle in the cold nights, it gives comfort and is good for pain. Karen


I'm about to try & take my dog Jazz out for the first time in a week. I had a fight with the ironing board last week, (don't ask!) needless to say it won!!!

I'm now nursing pulled & twisted ligaments in my knee, (very ouch!), I can't stand her dear little pathetic face & wingeing any longer! She makes me feel guilty & looks longingly at the front door every time I move! Lol! xx


Hello Karran, I agree with what has already been said by the others, and welcome you to the wonderful word of Fibro fog one of the many gifts our friend Fibromyalgia bestows on us. Alone with the never ending chronic pain, life sapping fatigue, poor sleep, depression, anxiety, stress, tears and more that makes the Fun Filled Fantasy of Fibro.

As for the lose of memory and forgetfulness, I have pads in every room of my little bungalow to write down anything I want to remember. Then I transfer all the notes into my outlook calendar on my pc, which I check a few times a day (If I don't forget to of course), and it pops up with a reminder, And in my word now. If it's not on my PC it doesn't/never happened.

I also agree with Rosetta2014 about showing your family this site, I have given copies of quite a few things on here. ' A letter to a normal' is one of my all times favs, and recently I gave a friend a copy of the Fibromyalgia - FM_101_booklet_single_page which I got from here about a month ago and she loves it, said it has really helped her family understand a little bit better.

i hope today finds you a little better than yesterday.

Blessings be



Yes, I write down everything....unless I might as well laugh. Better than crying. You are so not along sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi


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