Possible fibro?

Long story short, mother has very severe fibromayalgia along with other diagnostics, and has recently been put on fentanyl patches (that bad) for months I've recently suffered extreme burning sensations and pain throughout my back and shoulders, unable to sit down for long periods of time etc, having bloods done shortly but I'm only 15 years of age and I wondered if anyone knows whether they've known people as young as me to suffer from it? And with doctors now-a-days I'm sure it'll be a while before they come to a conclusion.

(Currently on naproxen)

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  • Hello CharlotteJane,

    Sorry to hear that your mum is suffering with fibromyalgia & that your in a lot of pain too.

    I'm 24 & have had fibromyalgia symptoms since the age of 18. I was diagnosed when I was 20 years old. So, yeah it can affect younger people too.

    Hope your having a good weekend!

    Charlie x

  • Oh dear, it is an awful thing to see people and/go through, thanks for your reply and I do hope you're coping and having a great weekend also!

    Charlotte x

  • Hi Charlotte yes I've heard of people as young as you with fybro but let's hope it's not sweetheart. I do hope that you get an answer soon. I sympathise with your mum as I've been on Fentanyl patches 50 and 12 for some years now. However I'm now coping.

  • Thank you! I hope not either though unfortunately mum went through the same even at my age though was only diagnosed around 10 years ago, the patches have been brilliant with my mum also and glad you're managing too!

  • Hi Charlotte Jane, you sound a very sensible, intelligent and understanding young lady. I am sure the stress and worry that you have about your mother can't be helping you.Your mother should be proud of you!

    In answer to your question.... I know one young man who missed the whole of his Secondary school education before he was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. However once he knew what he was dealing with he has managed to build a new life which involves a fantastic job that he loves.

    There are also some young people on this website, who are learning to live with this condition.

    I myself experienced my first symptoms at 20, but did not get a diagnosis until I was 45.

    Let's hope that your blood tests help to find out what is happening and you get good treatment from your doctor. I suggest that you maybe keep a list of all your symptoms, so you can show it to your doctor when you next see them.

    Remember we are all here to support each other, so if you have any questions or comments or just want a chat.... then we are all here to listen.

    Best wishes to you and your mother, please let us know how you get on, xxxxx :)

  • Thanks a bunch! All booked for Thursday, and mums doing fine she's now able to pack in work as she's received a letter from her rheumatology who were actually understanding about the condition which doctors aren't exactly aware or understanding, hopefully getting her a disability benefit as working is definitely not an option for her.

    Hope you had a good weekend!

    Charlotte x

  • Very sorry to hear all this. FMS can start early. Mine began age 18. I am 55 now. Was diagnosed age 42. The most important thing is to pursue your own symptoms until they get diagnosed properly because it could be any number of things.

  • Hi, I am sorry to hear your mother is suffering with FM and that you fear you have it too. It is, sadly, possible to have it, but before you panic please remember that everyone is different and there is a good chance that, even if you do have it, it will be different for you and maybe not so bad as your mums.

    My advice to you would be to list every single little niggle, pain, problem you have going from head to toe and write them down for your doctor. My doctor said this was very helpful to him as it enabled him to direct the tests better and come to a clearer diagnosis. He has now retired and I am about to do the same for my new doctor, although he is great.

    Listen to the advice you are given but also listen to your body. If you can learn to pace yourself you will minimise its effects on you and allow you to have a better life than if you ignore it. Remember that we are not doctors on here and can only advise you from experience, but you must get proper backup from your own doctor. Try getting Fibromyalgia for Dummies as its a very helpful book and will help you understand your mum and your own symptoms better. You could have something else going on that imitate FM, so don't give up yet!

    It is possible to have a long and happy life with FM and still achieve a lot if you can read your body and are lucky with your own symptoms. My daughter has recently been diagnosed as having FM and her girlfriend also has it, but we are all very different and hopefully my grandchildren will not have to experience it at all.

    Chin up. Write out that list of symptoms and give it to your doctor. You might be embarrassed to give it to him, but you could leave it at the reception or post it to him. I have written to my doctor in the past to give him a better picture of my problems so that he has it on record and our face to face conversations are more to the point without having to spend time explaining, with half the things forgotten!

    Keep coming on here and message me if you would like a more one to one conversation. I work with teenagers and understand some of their worries better than those who don't so do come and chat, groan, rant and ask questions whenever you feel the need.

  • Ooo I just read my message back and realise I sound very critical of people who do not work with teenagers. I would like to apologise for that. I just meant as I am around teenagers who confide in me all the time, I might be better placed than someone like my dad - who tries but should try harder. He fell out with my daughter when she was a teenager and ten years later, after she apologised, he has begun to create a relationship with her again. She now has three boys, and he has only met the eldest once, last year! So, I was meaning people like that. I think FM must have a hold on me right now because I am not explaining myself properly. And now I am just gossiping! I'm midst flare so please forgive that rant. Posting it anyway so hopefully you can at least have a laugh. :)

  • Sweetheart I'm so sorry for your suffering. I really believe mine started when I was much younger but I put it down to work etc... yes anything is possible, BUT don't jump the gun. Hopefully it's only pulled muscles or something else not as life changing. xxx Mitzi

  • Yes, a good friend of 17 has had fibro for awhile. Any questions?

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