The Elephant in the Room !! - Any interesting power point on Fibro maybe?

Hello All,

Stumbled across this (without FibroAction hat on) and wondered if you would like to read it -

I look forward to hearing your comments - it certainly highlights the complaints & symptoms and how they are looked at separately by all different specialities. How together they provide a picture of Fibromyalgia as a whole but this is maybe not connected between the multidisciplinary team therefore might be a reason diagnosis is delayed in some cases.

Don't know about the Elephant in the room description but they are matriarchal - definition: A highly respected woman who is a mother. OK I'm happy being resembled to an Elephant now !! :)

Emma :)

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  • Brilliant. I just wish that the NHS was capable of doing "joined up writing".

  • Thank you enjoyed reading that


  • Thank you, that was a very interesting piece. Very apt for me with my query yesterday :)

  • Thank you Emma, that was fascinating!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Thanks for posting that - very interesting - I have saved it and shall read it again as some of the medical bits went over my head!

  • A very interesting read. Thankyou xxx

  • Mdaisy your great so inclusive of the female aspects having and equal view. xx :)))))))))))))))))))

  • Thank you for this, it was worth the read, I've got to let my whole family have a read. Gentle hugs. xx

  • Very interesting

  • Thanks Sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Dear Emma,

    This is excellent for me, it remind me again when i used to do presentation to some of my customers we used to talk about clinical trial similar like this - its about some treatments - obviously about different drugs - now I am suffering from FM, this really help me greatly - very significant when talking to my specialists.

  • Thank you mdaisy, found this really interesting


  • thanks mdaisy very interesting read.lilian

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