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Wet Room prescribed by IT Walton On The Naze area (Tendring Council)

Is there someone reading this who knows how long the waiting time is for a wet room to be fitted in my area? Assuming I'm not expected to contribute much toward it, what actually is done? What if the tiles are absent in the reconfiguration? How do I make it tidy again? Do they replace tiles? Also lucky me, not only do I suffer from FIBROMYALGIA but I have PTSD too and I'm nervous having people in my home - what are people's experience? The waiting also builds the worry for me. How long should I expect to wait and how long does the job take to do? May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Holy, Blessed Christ-mass! X

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Hi there

I am so sorry if this is a silly question, but have you asked the Council what the approximate waiting time is?

Amongst Fibro and ME that I have had for 36 years I also suffer with PTSD, anxiety and depression, so I fully understand how you are feeling.

I wish you too a very Happy and pain free as possible a Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Wishing you much peace

Lu xx


No I didn't ask. I have anxiety problems and don't find it easy. Thanks though. I know it seems an obviousobvious solution. X


Hi again

Do you have a family member or friend who could call on your behalf?

If not the CAB should be able to help you.

Lu xx


I didn't know that wet rooms were available from the council , as said give them a ring they should be able to give you some idea. Best wishes for Christmas and New Year too , take care


I am sorry I do not know your particular council's rules but generally they will have to make good any damage. You should ask if new tiling is included and also how long you expect to wait.

Best Christmas Wishes to you too!


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That's so kind of you. Best of the season to you also!

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Normally once you make application and their is funding left in their budget you will be asked to provide two quotes from Builders of your choice .

When they come ask them how long it will take and when they would be able to start as some are booked for months ahead .

The council normally provide a list of approve workman who are used to dealing with all your concerns so are very understanding .

They have to price for the specks given by the council so will have to make good any damage .

Just had one done about 3 moths ago for a customer took just over a week but their where two workmen most days .



Hi i am not in your area but I have a wet room and it took a day and a half forvit to be done, they dont tile it they put wet wall up its sheats of waterproof wall covering they only done 3 walls as its so expensive but I got to choice what colour and wet floor that I wanted,

Good luck , I hope you dont have to wait long mind you its worth it.

Loraine x


Hi my friend

You can email and ask them if you cannot talk to them on the phone? I have pasted you an excerpt from their *website below. All you have to do is email them with any questions that you have?

*Adapting your home

Often, quite simple aids or adaptations will help those with special needs to continue living an independent life in their existing home. The type of adaptations we may be able to carry out include:

fixing handrails or grabrails;

installing stair lifts (where appropriate);

building ramps;

removing door thresholds; and

installing level-access showers (i.e. no step).

If you, or a member of your household, would benefit from your property being adapted, you should contact Essex County Council, Social Services (0845 6037630) and ask to speak to an Occupational Therapist. They will discuss your request with you and, if necessary, arrange to visit you at home to decide what needs to be done. If they agree that your home should be adapted, they will make a recommendation to us and we will then check that you qualify for major adaptations. How long you then have to wait will depend on the type of work, the number of others waiting to have their homes adapted, and the amount of money available.

For minor adaptations such as grab rails, kitchen lever taps, flashing doorbells etc, our Adaptations & Special Needs officer in Operational Services (Private Sector Housing) may be able to help and you can contact us by emailing housingmail@tendringdc.gov.uk.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Mine is doing my Kitchen and bathroom as Noah left a mess when he left his ark in mine!

But there giving me a wetroom they say as find bath hard as not steady on feet often plus have issues with hands so if have bath normally have to wait for it to empty for a while so bit dryer so have some grip to get out of it or end up falling out/over/off it!

Those tin baths are even worse!

but think all bathrooms should be wet room style makes far more sense and stops water getting elsewhere

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