Hello my lovelies! The brown envelope dropped on the mat this morning!!... With trembling hands I picked it up and saw that it was from the DWP...I had my pip assessment last week Wednesday and was told that I would hear between 4-6 weeks for a decision! Well blow me down!! It WAS!! the decision and I've been awarded enhanced rate for both!!....:-D :-D Still feeling a little nauseous but finally (I applied in Nov 2013) it's looking brighter!....:-D :-D Never ever give up my friends!!.... Much love...

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  • What a relief for you and so quick too! Congratulations, it must feel so good to know that someone has listened and believed what you are saying. Linda

  • Party time celebrate :P

  • Party time indeed Ian!!..:-D :-D Virtual Champagne for everyone! The music is rocking and...."I'm partying like the Irish"....:-D :-D

  • Who said virtual , i thunk this calls for a Baylies

  • You have earned it the hard way enjoy the results of your toil :-)

  • Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic

  • Absolutely wonderful news. I'm definately in there if there is a party, have you any Pink Champagne or even Rose Wine will do at a pinch? I bet it is a weight off your

  • Hehehe! Pink champagne it is then! It really is a weight off my mind...I moved into my little flat in Aug last year and have done what I can so far, but the second phase is going to take a bit of money to complete so this couldn't have come at a better time!....:-D :-D ♥♥

  • Someone must have been looking down on you and saw you needed the money. It will be amazing how that extra money will soon mount up and hopefully you will be able to get your flat just how you wanted it. I remember when I got my dear departed mother in law Attendance Allowance she was full of super plans, first it was a shower, then it was a recliner, then it was a cooker that was easier to use and in the end her little flat was just how she wanted it and much easier for her to manage.x

  • Great news, must be a huge relief. xxx

  • Brilliant news x

  • Likewise, brilliant. I had a head start on the champers from another post

    *changes from untidy heap to undignified heap*

  • great news

  • Great news ! I have my pip assessment next Thursday. I just hope they listen and understand me. I am in agony all the time .

    This is my first post, only just discovered the site.

    Hi everyone and my heart goes out to you all. X

  • Good luck for your assessment and fingers crossed for you!

  • Congratulations and well done, thank you so much for sharing such wonderful and positive news.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Well done hoping your life will be a little easier now x

  • Thank you my lovely! I've been out today to look at carpets for my bedroom and front room! I've only got rugs down at the moment as this is a newish property! Sooohh exciting!....:-D :-D

  • You must be so relieved,I had m y mesa assessment in nov failed it then had my pip assessment in dec and got the standard rate for care and mobility! So now I in process of appealing my mesa! Nothing makes sense! But so pleased for you !! X

  • Wonderful news Ninja :)

    I also got a Brown envelope shedding good news recently regarding my DLA renewal with it being increased to include lower rate care component on top of my higher rate mobility and you're right about not giving up :)

    What I don't understand is how they really believed that someone with higher rate mobilty issues didn't have care needs!?! One to ponder on :o

    I can't remember how many DLA or disabilty related applications that I've applied for over the years or how many knock-backs that I've had either. It hurts when we get denied but to keep fighting and pursue what you're entitled to means you stand more chance of being successful than if we sit back and do nothing.

    :) :) :)

    Fluffies and smiles for you {{{{{{ Ninja }}}}}}

    xxx sian :)

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