Successful PIP..Mandatory Reconsideration

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank You Everyone for your support your encouragements. After waiting almost 14 weeks for the decision for my Mandatory Reconsideration, the brown envelope arrived today with A Both Standard Rate. It wasn't what I was expecting but I am happy to get something at least. My mum (my carer) wants me to appeal but I really cant bear the stress and the emotional strain anymore. I am happy to be helped financially. I can manage with my kids on the award and other benefits.

I am very grateful for you all. Especially Janet for All her support.

I can sleep a bit better tonight without worrying about PIP.

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  • I am so pleased for you, what a relief! You give heart to all those that are going through the same thing, well done for sticking at it.


  • Thanks love

  • Hi can any one help my husband has been awarded high rate mobility for 2 years but they sent him a review form to fill in that was September we received a letter to day saying he's got to go to a hospital for a medical has any one had this thank you

  • I am sorry but I have never heard of this before. It sounds like shutting the door after the horse as gone. How can they ask for medicals after they are happy enough to give your hubby the award Iin the first place. It just don't make any sense at all to me.


  • Thank you x

  • Hi Lizabeth1368 I have never personally heard of this before either. I would ring them and ask them what it is about my friend? Good luck.

  • Hi Liz,

    How did yourhubby's appointment go?

  • Wonderful news so pleased for you. It might be a wise move not to appeal if you can manage on the money awarded as several on the forum have actually had their award downgraded when they appealed.x

  • Fantastic news well done xx

  • Hi Dydy-gabb that is absolutely wonderful news my friend. Well done and congratulations :) :)

  • Well done for sticking with it, have been hoping for a positive outcome for you.

  • Awww thank you Leo.

  • Well done.x

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