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PIP'S....grrrrrrrrrrrrr, that brown envelope!!!!

After submitting my 'evidence' for a reconsideration I was awarded PIP'S in March this year--both the mobility and the living components on the enhanced rates. Hasten to add I was already in receipt of ESA on the enhanced rates and in the support group.. again given after a reconsideration.

Now in August (five months after I was given the enhance PIP'S award that runs out in July 2015) I have received the dreaded 'brown envelope' from PIP'S asking me to complete yet another application of forty pages to 'made a decision on my award', or if I am entitled!

Its totally baffled me, needless to say and has caused a lot of stress, fustration and worry, that simply does not do my health conditions any favours(Fibro, Reynards, Osteoarthritis,IBS, Bladder problems, memory, concentration,plantar fascitis,the list is endless)

There just not seem any understanding from these powers that be (DWP), when you have got all the medical facts in black and white, its all been submitted, considered and you get an award given. They still want to pester you and cause you even more pain and misery, as though you already have not got enough to cope with.

Has anybody else had this experience with PIP's or indeed ESA, as I just think its a terrible waste of tax payers money, basically going over the same ground.....or is it just me?

Okay rant over, but I don't feel a whole lot better for it.

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Hello Jo-Lyn,

I understand how frustrating and how exasperated you must feel. The stress does impact on our conditions and the difficulties of understanding the system causes distress. I wondered if you have emailed us as yet to receive information guides which may help using info@fibroaction.org. If not please do as we'd be happy to email them to you.

I think the letter is more than likely a reassessment of your ESA than your recent PIP decision. I believe some members here have had reassessment forms however saying that I would ring up and check as it may be a mistake on their part.

Please do let us know how you get on and I look forward to hearing from you should you like the guides


Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Hi Jo-lyn

I am so sorry to read of the stress and frustration that you are having to endure to get this sorted. I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue and that you get a satisfactory outcome.

I also want to wish you all the best of luck with your application.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Just for anybody interested, follow up to my previous correspondance in respect of the dreaded PIP's consultation carried out at my home address.

Well I was awarded both the mobility and the living components at the enhanced rates (just about), which of course I was already on anyway! I asked for a copy of the report and even though my condition has worsened since the last consultation, the points awarded' were actually lower??? This is after the person carrying out the assessment, totally agreed that my condition had worsened.

So as we all know, Atos and all these other lots that currently carry out the assessments move and assess individuals in a most confusing way (remember three things and spell a word backwards....oh yea, easy with fibro?) and certainly are not all singing off the same song sheet.

Still at least I have got one less worry for the meantime until the next 'consultation', which I am not already looking forward to.

Happy Christmas to everybody on HealthUnlocked and I hope you all enjoy it to the best of your abilities....remember pace yourself.


Hi Jo Lyn

Maybe its because you say they only awarded it until July 2015 it is automatically sent out 3-6 months before you are due to run out although i don't understand why you were only given such a very short period. My daughter has just heard from ESA to say she is in support group. She had a PIP medical about 3 weeks ago and is still waiting for a decision on it I am really hoping it goes in her favour she waited 32 weeks for the assessment but had no assessment for ESA because all the paperwork was sufficient. I hope you manage to get it sorted it maybe this time that as you gave all the information you won't need another assessment.





Hi Jackie, thats for your interest and for the reply. After all was said and done I was given the 'award' for the mobility and for the living components at the enhanced rates, mind you I had less points than the previous assessment and only just 'scraped through'! I have actually got worse as my wife who attended the assessment pointed out, confirming all the specialists reports that I had on paper and that had been submitted to the DWP and Atos.

None of it makes sense at all other than to be a total and utter time waste, especially when I have got all the evidence in writing from the various specialists.

A very good and Happy New Year to you.



To be fair to the DWP, its this bloody Government that wants a kick up the arse, they dont want us to claim anything , we cost too much, and if you are near retirement age well, they just want us to keel over so that we dont claim a pension, all we can do is keep trying to get what we rightful are entitled too, good luck x


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