Your advice for my breaking nails

WhooHoo. I've been using fish oil with VitD for 10 days and I am already seeing a big difference; my nails aren't splitting anymore into 2 or 3 layers at the top. They're almost completely normal and I expect they will repair - once the vertical ridges grow out, if they do. Once I can budget it in, I'll add the calcium and magnesium.

Thanks everybody for your helpful advice.

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  • Finger nails grow about 3mm a month on average slowing with health and age the production of keratin which nails are made of. Results of nail growth are more akin to tree ring growth a long term picture of the conditions while they were forming.

    Testing for a deficiency before adding supplements not found in a healthy diet will help budgeting :-)

  • Thanks for your reply. I was given some suggestions that sounded pretty strong to me, and they worked. Next time my budget allows, I will get tested for general deficiency. Just that right now, an experiment in the not so dark worked, so I am happy.

  • milk is a good source of calcium. I dab hand cream on each nail and massage it in.

  • Thanks hamble. That is a unique method for sure. :)

    It's one of the things I love about this site. I'm sure that there is nothing thing we can experience someone else hasn't. I'm grateful for the support and advice.

  • Hi clare_hart

    That is really great news! I am delighted for you. I remember your original post about the problems that you were having with your nails, so well done!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thanks Ken. I hope I won't have to take it all back in a couple months, lol, but I am surprised at this point and quite pleased.

  • please to read that things are improving and your nails are improving other bits of you are improving as well.

  • Thanks Betty, I think you were advocating the Vit D, etc. if I remember right. Thanks for your replies. I suppose my attitude about this mysterious affliction is improving, but I seem to be developing more symptoms and illnesses recently, so it can be hard to get past the anxiety. Coming here helps a lot.

  • i remember years ago my dentist saying that most people in UK were vit D deficient. easy to get anxious but that brings it own problems. Agree this is a great site.

  • "but that brings it own problems"

    Interesting. After reading this, I looked up side effects and precautions. Too much vit D can cause increased calcium. There are other SE but this one struck me.

    I also read that (once upon a time I knew this) Vit D is made through sun exposure, of which I get little. I wear jeans, lots of sunscreens, face, chest, neck, arms, etc. Had several pre-cancerous lesions removed already. But I digress . . .

  • Yes "moderation in all things except moderation" unknown.

  • Sorry if I am being extra thick do you swallow it or rub it in ? I would love my nails back to normal.

    Sue xx

  • I'm not sure, if you mean what hamble wrote? I take the vitamin. I think hamble suggests drinking milk and rubs lotion on the nails. But I'm not for sure for sure.

    Yoo hoo . . . Hamble?

  • Errr a few posts got between us causing confusion, What i wanted to know was do you rub the fish oil with vit D in or drink it, Reading down the post I think probably drink it or more probably take a capsule. :P

    Sue xx

  • Hi mayrose, I take a gelatin tab (rather large one!) that has the fish oil and Vit D in it. I was trying just the straight gelatin with no results. I tried using CO Q10 oil on my nails, and that did not work, but that was by itself. Maybe it will speed the healing process now. I might just use it regardless since I have quite a bit of it left.

  • thanks Clair Ive got cod liver oil and yitamintablets I will give it a try.

    Hugs sue xx

  • Clare_hart

    If you suffer fybro & have weak nails,

    thin papery like that splits it could be an iron

    deficiency (B12) known as pernicious anaemia,

    I had this problem & only after my GP did a

    specific blood test called an intrinsic blood test

    I need to get a B12 injection every few months as

    it is something in your stomach that stops your

    body absorbing B12 from foods naturally, other

    symptoms I had were more frequent headaches

    dry mouth etc fybro pain at an extremely severe

    level the B12 injection has strengthened my nails,

    made me produce saliva etc that I never realised

    at the time I wasn't producing fybro pain now

    although severe not extremely severe, I also

    have an under active thyroid which maybe more

    linked with the B12 I'm not sure on that something

    you can ask your GP but, I got the fybro through

    having thyroid issue. The fybro, thyroid & B12 are

    all linked with the auto immune system.

    Sorry for the long explanation, I maybe went on

    a bit too much.

    I hope my information maybe of some help to you

    or others who may read it. Keep well, Take Care xx

  • Tx honor. As advised above, I need to get specific levels checked. I know I should just ask my doctor about the cal/mag as he has run a lot of blood from me. I'd think he would let me know if something were off, but docs can get too busy sometimes to look at all but the most red-flagged and miss more subtle changes from one lab to the next. I will ask about thyroid and B12. The fish oil helps with immunity (as do some Chinese herbs I don't take regularly as I mean to), but it would be good to know as you are saying.

    In rereading what you wrote, I see that I missed the part about headaches. I have had these for months now. The nail problem started before that. But what if there is a correlation? I see my doctor in about 3 weeks and will discuss this. Thanks again.

  • Clare, the intrinsic blood test is a different blood test to the general bloods taken it gets sent to two labs 1st one does something to it then it's sent to 2nd lab. the other symptoms

    weak nails,

    Constant Headaches,

    Feeling excessively tired,

    Freezing (chilled to the bone) felt like ice cold,

    Fybro pain more severe than the already severe pain usually felt. I know doctors are extremely busy, but that does not mean you put up & shut up. I'm very fortunate that my surgery has two young forward thinking doctors, nothing is ever a problem to them xx

  • TYVM honor. I'll look into it as some of the symptoms sound fitting.

  • Strange how the young GP,s are more eager and switched on than the other doctors. I have found this too in our health centre. Just think the older ones get brow beaten or maybe don,t keep up with the latest gen out there. We have 3 young ones in our practice and I can,t say enough good things about them.

  • Lucindajethol,

    My previous GP was a daughter of ex army Major also a GP who both very rarely spent the time to listen although she was the lesser of the two evils, she retired 3 years ago when the surgery has been blessed with our two young doctors. I think the older doctors don't necessarily study "modern" conditions & are less tolerant of repetative patient visits, like you I can't praise my Doctor's enough I once asked my GP the question as to why she had recomended certain tests, she offered to send me for a second opinion before having tests done, I declined & went ahead with the tests fortunately they came back negative.


  • Wish mine would look better. I take vitamin D with K and Calcium daily and mine have deep ridges and peel and split. They have always been bad. Glad it's helped you sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Thank you so much mitzi. I don't know if the problem is completely gone as I still have the vertical ridges and a few of the deep horizontal ones. But the extreme flaking is gone. I wish yours could heal; I'm sorry for that. We all have more issues than we should have to put up with. But I try to think, others have health issues much worse than mine. Hugzzz to you!

  • You are so right sweetheart. Thank you and best of luck with your nails and your pain ;) xxx

  • Hello clare_hart, Reading about your nails, they do take some tlc to get them back to a good state, what you are taking, the fish oil with vitD is good, there is also a product from Holland and Barrett that is specifically made for hair,skin and nails, they are all made the same way, with keratin. this tablet is onlt one a day so if bought on one of their special offers can last for (100 tablet bottle lasts over 3 months) and can work out econimical.

    I am a beauty therapist and nails are subject to some of the hardest work in any day. It would help them if any washing up or general cleaning, you wore rubber gloves to protect the nails and cuticles, as nails are porus and all those cleaning fluids can play havoc with them.

    Yes you are so right in saying about hand cream each night and gentle massaging withe cream areound the nail beds, and sides with encourage the nail growth, keeping them short while they improve is also a good thing to do, (me I am just trying to save my hair from falling out, so more keratin for me then), let us know how the nails are doing, ttfn

  • I shouldn't laugh, but the way you say that about your hair falling out is funny. However I am sorry for that condition and hope you are coping.

    I do wear gloves when I do dishes, etc. Or I should say, some of the time. My good ones sprang a leak and I haven't replaced them, so hands are in the water again.Thanks for the tips on the product too. Sounds very economical.

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