Almost breaking point

Hello every-one after losing my esa yesterday i almost reach breaking point ,The stress of it all has taken its toll and today i have been in agony with shooting pains all over my body However i havent given up ! they are sending me the form to appeal and i have made an appointment with the C.A.B who are more than willing to help ,Hope every-one is feeling ok today and Thanks again to all who supported me yesterday x

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  • sorry you lost, seems a small thing to say, glad your fighting and CAB are great good luck

  • Hi! Have PM you. Chin up old bean!


  • Stay positive honey : ) the stress really does not help our condition keep fighting the CAB should be able to sort you out if not do you have a local Disability centre such as DIAL they maybe able to help with forms etc., Good Luck

  • hi dont give up go to your gp/mp cab anyone who can help you good luck diddle x

  • when you send you appeal letter in send a sick note from your gp with it they will have to pay you until it goes to appeal, if the appeal fails take it to tribunal, keep fighting it, I am fighting it i am waiting for my tribunal now they stopped my incapacity cause they reckon i am well enough to work, my GP supports me and has been issuing me with sick notes. guess what yesterday i got a form to say they want me to go for another medical cause now they think i shouldn't get esa.......... my advise is keep fighting it, they dont have to live with FM and we do

  • sorry to hear about your pain and distress. glad you're asking the CAB for assistance. hope the appeal goes your way x

  • Aw Sue, I think we have all been there at some time or another. I hope you are feeling better now that you have got support from the CAB, they were brilliant with me and took over everything on my behalf. It is really stressful which in turn agravates the fibro which increases pain, and so it goes on........... Try and relax now and let the professionals take over for you. Take care xx

  • Sorry to hear this , I am glad you have got a positive attitude, I am still on incapacity benefit and am dreading the letter to refer me for ESA, I get stressed just thinking about it. I think I look heathly (and i am glad I do ) , this is such an invisable illness .I know there are lot's of fraudsters around I just hope the examiners can pass the geniune people.I had stage three breast cancer and to be honest I would rather have the cancer than the fibro , people just misunderstand this illness, and I get so fed up explaining things to people when they ask why I am not working etc.


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