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fatty area on chest.deformed elbows

ive had this fatty area in the centre of my chest fro a couple of years and remember my gp saying he didn't know what it was.someone posted recently that it was to do with the thamus gland(?).I cnat find this post again or what community it was posted under.i want to show it to my gp .

also does anyone have "deformed elbows".mine are like they are at a 90 degree angle to what they should be if that makes sense.

I f my elbows were straight then the palms of my hands would face upward ,mine don't- 90m degree angle.

dont suppose that makes any sense .will try and take a pic and post it

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hi anbuma, sorry, but we can only advise on fibro - about which we and the medical profession are still learning. no-one is able to give medical advice, only suggest things from our own experience - there are many times I would love to know what would help, (starting with myself ) but, sadly I can't.

that aside my palms don't face up either - don't know about others, my elbows are fine. and maybe that word was thymus? I've heard of it, but that's all.

I enjoyed seeing your lovely craft work the other day, thank you for sharing it. Have you started your football picture yet?

take care,

hamble :)


Hi Hamble .thanks fro your reply.i am currently re doing a sampler I stitched fro my nieces engagement.i sent the original to her (she is in California)but she never received it.so got compensation fro royal mail fro some of the costs .and if I send this one out to her will send it with tracking.if I dont send it fro fear of not getting there again-the will get someone to take it out when they go for their wedding next year.hope to make a wedding sampler for them too and maybe some bookmarks or something small when I know the exact date.not started on the football one yet-still at design stage -waiting to get a photo of the boy to add to it.


Hi anbuma

I do not know anything about this kind of problem I am sorry to say. I was wondering if you mentioned all of these issues to the private GP doctor that you went to see? or was that just about one particular problem?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you are looking for.

Ken x


Hi Ken.my consultation with the private gynae is on Tuesday.the elbow thing wont be her concern-just the pelvic/possibly ovarian issues.


Good luck for Tuesday then anbuma, and I hope that it goes well for you.

Ken x


thankyou ken.it s going to be long tiring day.beign picked up at 7.30am and probably have to get up extra early to walk the dogs or just let them in the garden.its in Edinburgh so about an hour s drive from home plus if they do scans that's at different clinic/hospital.had to have scans last time and had to wait til 3.30 for them.and not home much before 6.


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